Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everybody's Not Been Killed

Now I gotta start this off by saying I was pretty hyped for this tape in the same way I was about QuESt's a couple days back. It's been advertised for a good while and I've been pretty keen on most of dude's new music through leaks, that contest that brandUn won, his perfect Charlie Hilton features, and general promotion. I'm talking about XV's Everybody's Nobody. And here it is.

XV -

So yeah, I was geeked for it. And I definitely recommend it for download easily, it's pretty hit and miss with me. But that's just me. I'm more partial to when dude slows it down and has a distinctive concept like when he bodied the aforementioned Hilton tracks, plus the standouts like "Mirror's Edge", "Fall Out the Sky", and the freestyle over OutKast's "In Due Time" on this tape. But then he's got a ton of schitzo, techno-influenced, unfocused, and overloaded joints like "Vizzy, Vizzy, Vizzy", "A.D.D.", and the Wiz Khalifa-assisted "Gobstopper" that can't listen to over and over again. Maybe it's just that some of his songs are very futuristic, overly processed, or maybe a little too far-reaching for my tastes, but that may be what stands out to you and makes this tapes a favorite in your iTunes. I highly suggest you formulate your own opinion cuz the comment sections on sites I've been to have very favorable views on the entire project. Not that they are in the same lane or need to be compared to each other, but I'm more partial to Broken Headphones for my repeat playlist at the beginning of August '09. But don't let me deter you from your free download. Still looking forward to dude's music in the future. If Charles Hamilton made up with XV after a minor spat a while back, then I can for sure keep up with my personal support. Kansas hip hop is now in the building for the first time.

... but do take my word for it.

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