Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Little Bit

Now I don't know whose idea it was first, but Drake went over R&B freestyle-like on it and Charles Hamilton gave it a lil' bit of his signature Hamiltonization sampling and rapped on it. It is indie singer Lykke Li's "A Little Bit" record. I really like both versions (yes, Drake's is fire, too), whether each was made independently of each other or if someone bit off the other. And if you let any popular blogger answer that, they'd prolly blindly accuse Charles of stealing it and claiming he was the original singer on the sample, too ...

The CH version is a definitive standout to me because it features his signature faux-singing chorus that's catchy as crap and he uses all the right loops and mixing to bring the best out of the super sped up sample. And as a bonus just to completely boggle your music-analyzing mind, listen to this SHow TuFli (apparently the "H" is capitalized ... but I don't wanna go back and correct all the old entries) song off of his Hamilton tribute mixtape and see if you can possibly comprehend how this sample has been wrecked to pieces and restructured. A different producer did it and I only connected the dots cuz the title is inconspicuously "In a Little Bit". It bangs just as hard as the other two joints. And just to reinforce what I parenthetically said earlier, Drake does croon the hell out of his version. It's written and performed very well to compliment the original. No shots on this entry. *insert smiley face*

... but do take my word for it. iTunes Lykke Li Youth Novels link

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