Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tanya Morgan. Don't Ask

So last night I saw Tanya Morgan live. I hate to admit it, but I didn't know a lot about their music before last night. I studied up on their bio and main rotation singles so I could at least vibe heavy on their choruses and just absorb the rest of the performance. After three different local Lexington acts, two of which were crazy dope (Kuntry Noize and Divine Carama) and one which was some respectable white dudes (Loose Change), Tanya Morgan came out with crazy energy to knock the roof off.

Ilyas started off by immediately hooking everyone on a double-time flow verse that he straight dumbed out on. He became my hero right then and there.

From the opening moment until their hilariously raunchy Snoop Dogg cover to end the show, all the emcees showed crazy stage presence and brought a calculated hype that just had me zoned out in my element. I swear, the only times I feel for real complete are either when I'm at a rap show or a poetry slam. That's pretty much it. It's just my thing.

Each of them were interactive and hyped the entire time. They simply were hip hop. From Von Pea rocking his permanent NY cap to Donwill's tore-up impromptu jean shorts and glasses to Ilyas capping his crazy long dreads with a triple-oversized cap and just smiling full blast the whole show, they were the epitome of performers. The live set lyrical pass-offs, the running jokes on songs that had features who obviously weren't there, and genuine interest in the audience who showed up were all just super refreshing to me coming into the first weekend of my sophomore year. I couldn't have been more impressed. I talked to Von Pea for a minute after the show and I was saying how all of his Justus League collabos are insanely great and he mentioned how he was hoping they'd get that home base Justus crowd when they do a show in North Carolina this same weekend, and I wished him the best. Rappers are the only equivalent in my life to my adoring loser fandom of UK and NBA basketball players. It absolutely kills me if I'm within actual sight of them, much less talking to them. Kinda like how earlier yesterday when John Wall asked how my day was going as he passed me while I was playing basketball. I almost fell out.

I'll prolly highlight each emcee on his own at some point, but for now I have to link up their mixtape and lead you to their purchasable stuff too. Man. I was so content coming out of that show. And that was hard knowing the circumstances that afterwards I had to walk a mile back to my dorm at 12:30 at night. But it's all good. Tanya Morgan. The name means nothing. And everything.

Tanya Morgan -
Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group
Brooklynati [iTunes link]
The Bridge [iTunes link]

... but do take my word for it.

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