Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rockstar Posner

Well ish. I did it again.

Mike Posner -

Just mentioned him while bigging up Novel and realized I've never posted anything from him. If you downloaded the Wale Feature tape then you caught him anyways and prolly remember his voice. The first track I heard from him was his remake of Soulja Boy's stanky "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" which I really, really liked. But that's to be expected cuz I'm a definite sucker for singers with raspy voices. Macy Gray, anyone? Matter of fact ... Mike kinda sounds just like when my friend Steven does his Macy impression. Hmm. I'mma have to look into that.

So I then retroactively downloaded his recent mixtape that'd been floating around and absolutely loved it. The song that knocked me off my rocker was "Cooler Than Me" with his associate from G.O.O.D. Music, Big Sean. Darn near a perfect song in my book from the crazy catchy production, beautifully written hook, and overall delivery and connectivity through the lyrics. You can count on that being on my "Best Of 2009" list for sure. It's got that kinda staying power from the first spin you give it. And if the tracklisting is to be believed, Poser produced all but one track on the whole thing, so dude's multi-talented beyond his eerily distinctive voice and impressive songwriting. Whenever an R&B singer can distinguish himself from the rest of the industry pack of Mario/Marques Houston/Omarion/Usher clones, then they're definitely someone took look out for. Don't be late on recognizing this man.

Bonus Singles -

... but do take my word for it.

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