Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where's Chronic?

Somehow he's still doing it. Chris Rivera has released two more freshly put together volumes of unreleased Charles Hamilton music. This now makes five full length collectives. Wow.

The only reason we even know Charles is still alive is because there were pictures of dude at the rapper Esso's release party for his Off the Wall mixtape a lil' while back. [For the record, Demev producer Woody went all out on his Michael Jackson beats for that tape, but Esso is such a boring emcee that it didn't really matter. Sorry.] And CH was still full on in his usual pinkness and Beats headphones, so that let's you know he's still for sure himself. Then there was more recently a heavy video with his former boo Briana Latrise where she discussed that he was doing really well. She said it was a personal and executive decision for him to stay away from the internet and straight focus in on his music.

So who knows if This Perfect Life is ever gonna get a proper physical release, but, knowing Charles, he's gonna come with mad material fully immersed in conceptual projects lined up for awhile. So until then ... here's the unreleased ish.

Charles Hamilton -
Chronic the Hamilton
Where's Charles?

... but do take my word for it.

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