Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Look of Love

I was Wiki-ing some discographies today to better label some of my rabid loose mp3s from a ton of artists. I got seemingly Mary J. Blige's entire collection straightened out last night and started up at the top today. The first group was the seven solo Ashanti songs I had unseparated. And I like to listen to the stuff as I get my Wikipedia game on, so once I randomly threw on her "Rain on Me" joint I was pleasantly surprised to hear a familiar musical backdrop.

Nelly's chick and Jay-Z happen to have both chosen beats, albeit a near decade later, that very similarly sample the late Isaac Hayes' cover song "The Look of Love". It's a hauntingly beautiful loop that really sticks in your soul and instantly reminds me of maybe my favorite Jay line of all time. As a young learner of hip hop buying classic after classic album and absorbing every drop of feasible knowledge there was, a young Jigga spit to me the lyric, "recruited lieutenants with ludicrous dreams of gettin' cream, let's do this. It gets te-di-ous. So I keep one eye open like CBS" and I was done. I've seen a T-shirt with that on it, too. Man. Anyways, enjoy the separate hip hop and R&B takes on the Hayes classic.

P.S.: That picture is the look of love to me.

... but do take my word for it. iTunes Ashanti Chapter II link

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