Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super D3Shay

Anything with brandUn is bound to have its moments. Here's a little EP teaser of some songs he's created with a group called The Super 3! from Los Angeles. Definitely a different kinda look. See whatcha think.

brandUn DeShay & The Super 3! -
The Super D3Shay EP

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Twitterers You Should Follow

If you don't have a Twitter, I don't know how you've held out so long. But here's my guide to the only important people on there.

1. Me! - chriscampbell27
I'm always one to update with quotes by my British physics teacher, rehash the best song lyrics you may have never heard, exclusively admit to something in the Twitter world that I wouldn't in real life, inform you of the paradise I currently reside at, update the UK basketball game I'm attending, or tell you why the Lakers are better than your favorite team. That's really all you need to know.

2. Jon Calipari - UKCoachCalipari
Coach prolly has the dopest one out right now. He's so crazy motivational all the time. He's frickin' Ghandi rolled up with Benjamin Franklin sprinkled with a little bit of Chuck Norris. And what's messin' with that? Billy G would have only used his twitter to hit on campus chicks.

3. The View - BarbaraJWalters, JoyVBehar, SherriEShepherd, ehasselbeck
Whoopi won't get one, so the rest of the cast will just have to do. I don't care what anybody says, this is the best political show there is on television. I record it at home on the DVR. I cannot tell a lie. Uff what you think.

4. Weird Al - alyankovic
The greatest comedic musician of our time has one of the funniest roll of updates you'll ever read. I've seen him front row. He is that dude. Search his page and find how he's literally connected to every important person in any given industry there is. He was my first musical inspiration. Who'da thunk it would come to this?

5. Shaquille O'Neal - THE_REAL_SHAQ
You never know. He might ask you to touch him for free tickets.

6. Phonte - phontigallo
Dope tweets, dope rhymes ... what more could you ask for?

7. brandUn DeShay - brandundeshay
Because he's the best new musician out. Period. And why wouldn't you want to follow the dude who gave me two beats for my debut album? That would just be rude. If you don't follow him, then that means you're being a jerk. And no one likes anyone who's being a jerk all the time.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty Wangs

So I gotta say I have no idea who Maxwell is. But I love the one song I've heard from him. Guess I'm not as up on '90s R&B as I should be. Should I be up on '90s R&B?

Obviously I should be if his old stuff sounded like this. The songwriting touches my soul on some whole other level. Like to the HNL (for my madTV-ers). It's really weird, but from this song alone he's leapfrogged all the other R&B dudes out right now for me. His voice does everything on this song over disgusting gorgeous love production. This music is love. That's the only way I can describe it. Man. I've been waiting for this song my whole life and I still don't even know who this dude is. I even made a beat off of this song this morning. Prolly a III: Laptopical track to-be.

I just really like this song.

Maxwell - Pretty Wings

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So here's the first track from my Sonic the Campbellton mixtape. Just so you know that it's actually gonna happen.

Chris Campbell - I Don't Even Care (feat. Aaronn)

The track is (obviously) produced by Charles Hamilton, off his The Dead Zone project. It samples "1979" by Smashing Pumpkins and is fricking gorgeous. Not to mention I got Ern to sing the chorus. I love the track. Absolutely love it. Pass it around.

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I Guess He's Back

Why is the 2dopeboyz comment boards my favorite place to argue now? Well, regardless, a new Eminem song came out. So ... I might have had something to say about it.

Eminem - 3 A.M.

I'll just highlight my few points and rebuttals amongst the 276 comments:

-"yea, i’m not feeling it too much. is there really a need for kim kardashian butt reference in BOTH of the first 2 songs released on any given album?
voice is grating, as mentioned. i don’t know. guess i’m not feeling psychotic murder tracks in 2009. but that might just be me."

-"is anybody sittin at their computer listenin to this and thinkin to themselves, “heck yeah. i can relate to this.”?
i mean, if this is the kind of song some of you all bump on repeat, cool. the story itself is straight i guess, but i know i won’t be riding to this track or playing it at a party or meditatin to it or prolly ever searchin out for it on my ipod again after today.
my favorite part is how sick the instrumental gets on that demented “lotion in the bucket” bridge. i’m not one to question dre, but i enjoyed that part a lot more than the rest of the instrumental."

-"if you LIKE listening to murder stories in an intentional crazy voice, then you will LIKE this song. if you DON’T like listening to murder stories in an intentional crazy voice, then you will NOT like this song.
you can’t expect everyone to like this. it IS a great concept. it IS genius writing in the portrayal of a psychopath. it IS genius rhyme schemes. but the song packaged as a whole isn’t that great. it might be fully appreciated by some fans, but most of us don’t have that lane where we wanna listen to a high-pitched audio clip of “cape fear”."

-"what the staunch supporters of this song need to understand is that some people just don’t have a place for this song in their lives. i’m happy that eminem created this narrative if that’s what he needed to creatively get out of his system. BUT … the package of this song is a genius psychopath gore story wrapped in the middle of a slightly annoying character.
just because someone doesn’t enjoy this song doesn’t mean that they’re retarded or hate quality music. i guarantee there’s gonna be songs on the album that us who DON’T enjoy this song will still bump on repeat. but i’m sure em made this song KNOWING that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to appreciate it because of the full package that he presented it in. and, after listening to this joint open-mindedly five different times tonight, i’m prolly not gonna ever look for it again to play. that’s where most of us are coming from.
i’ll admit any day of the week that the lyrics are AMAZING in this song. but, to me, it’s just not an enjoyable song. that’s all. and yes, there are definitely blind haters that would type the same crap shooting down eminem on here no matter what the song sounded like, but that’s NOT the mindset that most of us are coming from. and it doesn’t make you any better of a hip hop fan than us if you disagree. and it dang sure has nothing to do with rick ross or 50 cent or soulja boy or anyone else regardless …"

-"AGAIN. what the heck does rick ross have to do with someone liking or not liking this song? or pop culture at all for that matter?"

-"em has sold tens of millions of records. do people really feel the need to bring up racism here? the white man isn’t that down on his luck or public image … come on now."

You gotta read the rest of the crap here to know the full story of everybody fighting over this track. Ha.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Message from a ...

Apparently I missed another New York emcee who really thought that the world needed another interpolation of "Message from a Black Man".

Mos Def - Undeniable

This one comes from his much maligned True Magic album. I liked it. Screw everyone else.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Round Number 1

Lake Show going for the 4-1 closeout tonight. Kobe bounced back in Game 4 in ungodly fashion. Here's hoping that we don't waste any more time on the Utah non-Stockton&Malones. Houston/Portland here we come. Prolly Houston.

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Do Em All Over Again

Back around '06 when I was in my CD collecting prime, I made sure and copped Hi-Tek's Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip on the strength of the guest features plus Reflection Eternal's classicness. It remains one of my absolute favorite gems of a CD. Unfortunately, I think it turned out about 17 times better than Hi-Teknology 3. That one kinda made me sad.

Tek's production was so perfectly refined. Every song created a highly unique atmosphere to go with perfect selections of guest emcees. And featured singer Dion lent his chamelion-like crooning to a few of the cuts keeping subject transition smoother than anything you could ever imagine. It's so hard for me to choose a favorite track off the project. "So Tired" comes on the ridiculously laid back tip with Bun B and Devin the Dude lending their expertise. "Where It Started At" is one of the few believable NY anthems featuring a crazy collective of Kweli, Jadakiss, Raekwon, and then-relevant Papoose. And "Keep It Moving" has my favorite suprise deal emcees with Q-Tip and Kurupt perfectly complementing each others' 180 degree style differences.

But I think my favorite is churned out by the collaboration of Tek, his father, Wu-Tanger Ghostface, and the unknown Pretty Ugly. It's one of the most genuine chick joints I've ever heard. It's so much more than the usual "girl gone wrong" tracks that are prevalent in hip hop nowadays. Maybe the immense production sets the metaphorical and aural tone immediately. This story makes me feel like I actually knew Josephine. Maybe I actually do. Maybe I know a couple of her.

Hi-Tek - Josephine (feat. Willie Cottrell Band, Ghostface Killah, & Pretty Ugly)

It's the acoustics. It's the gentle, but excited, piano keys. It's the chord progression highlighted by synth touches and choral portions of the bridge. It's the chemistry between Tek's older generation father singing the chorus introducing a woman's story that's picked up by the younger rappers. It's just a really nice finished product. Too many songs have a certain aspect of it that's great, but you're disappointed by the whole thing itself not living up to its potential. This song fulfills. As does the rest of Tek's second magnum opus.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter Reviews!

So I just gotta say, I did buy the new Asher Roth album. Man. First purchase recently since I did my usual roundup of the newest Kanye, Common, and John Legend cuts that always seem to pervade the CD waves at the same time.

Welp, here's my magical Twitter summary of each song 140 characters at a time.

1. Lark On My Go Kart: interesting free-word association over nintendo-sounding beat. good for an intro i guess.
2. Blunt Cruisin': just a weed song. beyond boring with the ULTRA-slow flow, dumb ad-libs. maybe the worst song i've ever heard.
3. I Love College: best part is the MC Lyte intro. i hope she got a lot of money for that sample. like every penny of the billion mtv plays.
4. La Di Da: nice soundscape with way better flow than the others. genuine writing w/nonsense chorus that im definitely still feel anyways!
5. Be By Myself: awesome beat with perfect cee-lo feature. how could this turn out bad? it couldnt. single-intent, but still sweet. cee-lo!
6. She Don't Wanna Man: crazy catchy single. some purposely dumb lyrics, but its such a good premise & keri hilson chorus that its great.
7: Sour Patch Kids: love the production, real nice life-analyzing lyrics. big surprise. different look for him, but i find no blemish in it.
8. As I Em: the eminem song. chester french fits perfect on it & the words are pretty intense & well-aimed. different kinda white guilt. ha.
9. Lion's Roar: hit or miss with this one. its the clubby im-hittin-on-you-hard track. busta's crazy on it. beat's fine. feelin it less tho.
10. Bad Day: intentionally ridiculous dream-sequence track with big jazze pha chorus. pointless, but pretty fun. feels like a PG eminem cut.
11. His Dream: perfect singing chorus by miguel stands out. very introspective-ish. sad storytelling. winds up a really good song. deep.
12. Fallin': school days reminiscing. his most interesting flow yet. sweet nottz beat. practically laughing through all his memories. GREAT.
13. Perfectionist: there's usually a reason why songs are deemed "bonus". beanie's boring on it. the HARD reggae parts are misplaced. aight.
14. The Lounge: terribly annoying intro & chorus, but the verses are REALLY good. hilarious ponderings delivered masterfully. what IS rap?
15. Y.O.U.: european bonus track, pretty painful. i hate to complain about a slick rick track, but the sample is shank-in-the-ear worthy.

Yup. I read it in another review and it's my main issue as well: Asher seems to enjoy going off on intentionally purposeless verse rants. Like, they literally mean absolutely nothing. It only hurts because he really shows on other songs that he can rhyme entertainingly with purpose. But overall, I really have to say I enjoyed Asleep in the Bread Aisle. Besides "Blunt Cruisin'", "I Love College", and "Y.O.U." (which I personally find unlistenable), there are no skip-worthy joints. Once he defines himself beyond that one white frat boy, he's got potential for a legit name. Here's hoping he can have have a career past "College".

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There's just something about CuDi's music. You either get it or you don't. He's not really a rapper. And he's definitely not really a singer. He's more of a ... melodicizer. (TM)

Naw, he's one of the acts that comes out that you're legitimately glad you can't classify. He just makes really catchy stuff that still seems to avoid cliche. And that's hard. I swear to you. He can only barely hold a tune better than Charles Hamilton, but he uses his voice to its fullest potential. He's musically the Karl Malone type where he gets one hundred percent out of his God-given abilities while others are him are more of the Charles Barkley type. And by that I mean his competition is obese. They can jump. But they're obese.

Anyways, here's his new-ish tape!

KiD CuDi -
Dat Kid From Cleveland

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I don't think Charles knows how to not give music away for free. Don't look now, but this track is actually supposed to be from his legit debut album in stores in a while. Not a mixtape. A for real label-backed album. Uh oh. From here on, stuff gets dangerous.

Charles Hamilton - Barbara Walters

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Monday, April 20, 2009


Just made this lil' album cover for ReReRemix. Coming whenever. Prolly not soon. Or maybe soon. Suspenseful, ain't it?

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First song from ReReRemix.

Chris Campbell - Heartless (Remix feat. Kanye West, Cory Gunz, Sugar Tongue Slim, AC, Ace Hood, Carty, Rick Ross, Rosco, & The Fray)

Enjoy. Prolly gonna wind up a 22 track remix album.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

CH + H2

It's dat new Charles Hamilton!!!

Charles Hamilton & DJ Halo -
Dope2Go (The Halo-Hamilton Project)

I'm not even gonna act like CH has gotten old to me. I'll download and listen every single song and project he puts out. I usually stay out of pointless comment section fights on the big hip hop blogs, but here's my posted 2 cents from the 2dopeboyz post.

"what a lot of people fail to realize is when an artist considers music their CAREER, maybe they really do enjoy making new stuff on a daily basis. CH is also a producer. he also plays guitar. he also plays keyboard. he also gets paid lots of money to do whatever he wants with whatever sounds inspire him.

if he wants to make a brand new song every single day for the rest of his life, why can’t he? papoose is singularly a rapper. he takes other peoples’ beats and raps over them. he does nothing else. charles is a musician.

it seems people’s real issue is the fact that there is legitimately released music with the name “charles hamilton” on it everywhere. i think it dead serious hurts other peoples’ feelings or somethin that he puts out that much music. and if you think it’s all sub-par and unfocused, then you’re most likely not listening to all the tapes anyway and just goin by what someone else said in a comment box about it.

don’t like his music? don’t listen to it.
do like his music? he prolly has a new project for you to enjoy comin real soon.

pretty simple stuff going on here."

Yeah, I'm not an advocate of capitalization in non-formal writing. I think it's a complete waste of time and an attack of our morals as citizens of this solar system. But my main issue is the complaints of CH "over-saturating" the internet with his material. If anyone is of the opinion that all of Charles' beats suck and that he's not on par lyrically and that none of his projects hold any consistent weight, then you didn't listen to any of the tapes! I don't care if you think he's vastly inferior to your favorite emcee, but you don't have to make it your personal mission to try to take an artist's credibility down when you're completely ignorant to his catalog in the first place. But everyone thinks they're a fully entitled expert who can make decisions for other people. So I'll step out of it. Peace.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First 2 Online Locations!!

Amazon mp3:

I'm blown away. I can't wait for it to be on iTunes as soon as possible, but if any of you want to buy my album right now, then these two sites are your hook up. Hopefully everything's up from here. My music is now honest to God out in the world.

If you listen to my stuff, the best thing you could possibly ever do for me (along with buying the album itself!) is to write a customer review on Amazon (and iTunes when it gets put up there). People genuinely put a lot of faith in positive reviews on these sites. Thank you so much. If you could help me promote this in any way you possibly could I would be forever grateful.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

More Hilton

QuESt - Losing My Mind (feat. Choze & Neija Jane)

Love this song. Brand new leak off of [Charlie Hilton's Good Food]/[QuESt's Broken Headphones]. The production laced on here is absolutely immaculate. The beat is so saturated with beautiful, coherent sounds balancing a wide-spread, busy soundscape with peaceful breeziness. You just gotta hear it. And QuESt's delivery and style is quick becoming a personal favorite of mine. I read in a comment someone comparing him vocally to Jay-Z circa Reasonable Doubt times. And while that may seem a hip hop equivalent of sacrilige, I can definitely hear it. Dude's song-making ability is already up there, too. Choruses, bridges, ad-libs, verse structure, melodies. Everything's on point. Consider me impressed.

2dopeboyz post.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Really, I Gotta Cover for My EP

Download No Really, I'm a Rapper EP right HERE.

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k-os: Remixed

To promote his upcoming album Yes!, the legendary k-os gave out an EP's worth of material to be remixed by any producer who wanted to take a chance at it. No matter who won the contest, any form of music helmed by k-os is going to be ridiculously nice.

Yes! Circle Research Remix EP

While this production group gave the sound a more mechanical/electronic vibe, it's still really nice. I expect to probably enjoy his self-produced versions a little more, but he's offering this EP for free! So I'm definitely on board with it. If I can stress anything to you in life, let it be that everyone will love k-os's music if they listen to it. He crafts perfect vibes to go with perfect sounds to go with perfect rhymes to go with perfect singing. I've never heard a track from him that I've been disappointed in. I don't know if I can say that about anyone else in the entire universe.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.


Chester Connects

I don't know what the did to get straight on the inside of the hip hop industry, but Chester French did something. This line-up for their new mixtape (rock bands have mixtapes?) is like a nightmare The Game name-dropping track.

Chester French
Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance

They're more indie-pop than anything. Maybe I'm just dumb blind to the connection, but for all I know Biggie prolly bumps em in his grave. Maybe Jedi Mind Tricks already samples them extensively. Maybe Heltah Skeltah has been writing punchline references about these white dudes.

  • Solange
  • N.O.R.E.
  • Kardinal Offishall
  • Cassie
  • Pusha T
  • Bun B
  • Talib Kweli
  • Mickey Factz
  • Janelle Monae
  • Common
  • Diddy
  • Jadakiss
  • Wale
  • Pharrell
  • Jermaine Dupri
How does that happen? Does everyone really sweat "She Loves Everybody" that much? Like, dead serious? I prolly need to give the dudes some more quality listens. Their single grew on me being played every single day on MTVU when I eat at the Commons, but the other material hasn't quite sunk in yet. Don't wanna dissuade anyone from possibly finding your new favorite band, though. They're on the funny tip of musicality, relieing on a lot of white boy college humor (like one Mr. Roth) to connect with their fan base. But I'm blown away with all the cosigns they've gotten. This group is so not hip hop. But they have the knod from commercial and underground artists alike. Pretty crazy. I'm definitely jealous.

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Super Late ...

... but here's my album cover for the old Remix Part Three!!! mixtape I put out last year. I threw it all together just a minute ago with my subpar Gimp skills.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Really, I'm a Rapper EP

1. Hannabella (Original feat. brandUn DeShay) [prod. by DeShay Ali]
2. Made of Gold [prod. by Chris Campbell]
3. Behind the Mirror [prod. by DeShay Ali]
4. fOR No one (Demo) [prod. by DeShay Ali]
5. Fall in Vain [prod. by Chris Campbell]
6. Toto (Back Home Original feat. Aaronn Ralph) [prod. by Charlie Hilton]
7. Made of Gold (Instrumental)
8. Fall in Vain (Instrumental)

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Can't Help But Chuckle

"So you like fish sticks?"

I'm not the biggest advocate of South Park. While I find their episode morals pretty grand for the most part, I still feel they rely on a lot of non-funny humor to try and achieve their points. but this one was pretty great. You can find the whole episode somewhere on the net if you want, but I'll just link the much-appreciated full mp3 of the end-of-the-episode "Heartless Parody"

If this is honestly what it took to quench the Louis Vuitton Don's ego, so be it. Hilarious, nonetheless.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.


Hometown Peoples

So lately I've definitely been running with the CunninLynguists, but I can never count out Nappy Roots. While this is only 2/6ths of them, I still love it.

I absolutely love the tracks like this that the group has proved they can churn out. Besides the Obama version of "Good Day", they're pretty professional at making those non-corny feel-good tracks. And feel-good tracks don't have to be "happy" songs per-say, but this one is. The Southern acoustics are monstrous and Skinny & Scales play off them perfectly in that smooth drawl that they got going.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.


A Lil' Fulfillment

So I guess the Calipari thing worked out. Considering that I actually passed him while he was jogging around with Rod Strickland on campus. I almost had a panic attack. I'm calling "no-man-crush" but I swear Coach Cal had an aura about him. I wanted to throw out a "good luck" or "love ya coach", but I couldn't muster a darn thing.

So he already wrapped up one-and-done DeMarcus Cousins and I'll enjoy every minute of the season with him. Liggins is apparently perfectly suited for coach's offense and Miller is set to be a straight beast under his masterful tutelage. The only minor setbacks are Jodie's testing of the draft pool and super-recruit Orton possibly wavering, but I think both of them will be in Kentucky blue next season, regardless. I try to not get hyped on the we're-a-Final-Four-team-immediately after not being ranked for two years, but I really think that the sky is the limit right away. Like right away.

Now we as Big Blue Nation just have to wait for all the rest of the recruiting chips to fall in place and for the entire roster as a whole to get settled in so it's a for sure thing. And we also gotta deal with UK hatred from the rest of the world, as well as our own unruly brethren who create avenues for all the hate.

I expect huge things from coach. And even though seemed to deflect expectations in the introductory news conference, he expects huge things as well. I say we have a Final Four run along with an extra championship banner in the next 4 years. We just will. I feel it in my raggedy old bones.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Food

Really enjoy this joint right here by the dude Charlie Hilton. First full product heard off of his Good Food mixtape.

Check out the leaked post of it here. Really nice sample of "Hometown Glory". Love new-ish contemporary sampling. If this is any indication of how the tape is, it's gonna be as stellar as its original intention. And once No Really, I'm a Rapper EP drops you'll be able to hear the original version of "Back Home" off I Get That a Lot which is called "Toto". It's produced by Hilton if you didn't already assume it.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

And Another, And Another

Hey, guess what!!! There's a new Charles Hamilton mixtape!

This one is his long-awaiting Incubus project. Not that I can say I legitimately know their material, but I can vibe to Incubus. They have some crazy catchy stuff. So needless to say, the beats are retarded nice. But again, I'll reserve my judgement til I actually am qualified to speak on it.

Take a wild guess at what the next post prolly tonight is gonna feature ...

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.


Back at It

Mr. Hamilton is back at it again. Not Anthony Hamilton. Not Jeezy Hamilton.

Charles has quickly become a polarizing figure in hip hop. I personally find the short-lived (and media-created) "beefs" and assaulting commentary stupidly hilarious, but it's really getting his name out there. Unfortunately, a lot of it's just a bunch of hate. Not enough people let his music speak for him instead of what they read on gossip blogs. Or legit hip hop blogs' comment boards ...

Like I've said before, I listen to every Charles project multiple times. And thoroughly at that. So I have no words of its quality as of yet, but I'll get back to you. Chuck is still my favorite out there doing it right now. Until Andre's back, of course ... but hopefully not too speedily.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.