Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Flew Life

I chronicled the first mixtape in his "Fox 5" series and then eventually threw up the next two ... and finally here's the final two I forgot to post!

SHow TuFli -

The former is a collection of music inspired by the one and only poster boy for hardcore nonsense word association, Cam'Ron, and the latter is inspired by the man, the myth, the inexplicably disappeared Charles Hamilton. I really like the feel of entire collectives of homage mixtapes. The production is always on par when it's coming from Demevolist producers if you have the same kind of instrumental preference that my ears do. For each track they rework either the original samples of songs or just the actual songs themselves from the rapper to create a familiar yet completely independent sound for TuFli to rap over. So the tapes are very easily enjoyable, but you just have to decide point blank whether or not you feel SHow TuFli or not. Like I've mentioned before, he sometimes ceases to venture outside of the box at all with his song topics, but he does have some alright wordplay if you really get into it. I've spun all the tapes and definitely found some songs I like, but I'm not personally convinced on the dude as being a big rap force that needs to be reckoned with like I was forcefully converted to thinking simply by absorbing CH's music before him. I don't know. You might find something in his sound that triggers your brain waves more so than me. But regardless, I'll always give someone involved with Demev a listen.

... but do take my word for it.

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