Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Novel Mixtape (or Two)

Swear, I always feel like I gotta stamp "LATE" on my forehead when I post certain people's mixtapes. I've been having them on rotation in my iTunes and mentally marked as essential favorites, but I forget to speak out on them. The latest of these instances is the dude Novel. I was just bumping the fire newly leaked (which I will buy!!!) Slaughterhouse album and my favorite song happens to be a auditory sample of perfection called "Rain Drops" which features a monster chorus from ... you guessed it. I'd put Novel right up there with Mike Posner as my favorite newer R&B voices out there. You can pick either's vocal chords out from a mile away. And just because he's been putting in work, here's plenty of Novel fodder if this is your introduction to him.

Novel -

Just because he's so smooth and how he slides into crazy nice falsetto runs he brings up comparisons to Dwele and a tiny bit of D'Angelo, but the man finds just as perfect a home on more up tempo tracks and breaks free entirely because of his way better than par mic skills. I guess it's kinda that Trey Songz lane, too, except Novel can for real, for real rap. Or Drake if Drake could really sing. No knock on Trey or Drake, but Novel kills both of them. Badly. The 808s retake is a great nod to a couple Kanye works as well as other select popular tracks he goes over, while creating a much heavier atmosphere on each and every one. Probably my favorite track is his epic remix of "Amazing". It's simply ... well, you guess. Suspended Animation is unequivocally an album quality collection that fully enthralls you in everything Novel is going for as a fully recognized artist. His remixes of KiD CuDi's "Sky Might Fall" and Gary Jules' "Mad World" especially are beautiful renditions that fully stick with you in every sense. If you enjoy it enough, which you will, then cop the less-than-5-dollars EP. Come on ... you can do it. I promise that missing one McDonald's combo ain't gonna hurt you.

... but do take my word for it.

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