Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a Terrible Thing to Waste Your Love

Back-to-back. Kanye sampled this crazy old 1976 joint by The Masqueraders called "It's a Terrible Thing to Waste Your Love". But once wasn't enough cuz he kept a version for himself and gave another one to someone else. Ye originally dropped a song over his version of the beat and made a song called "Apologize" which contains one of my favorites hooks of any and all time. And it's Kan singing it pre-autotune. It's amazing and was only released to the public through the first of his Freshmen Adjustment mixtape series. But then he flipped it again (for money) by catering the instrumental for Monica's song "Knock Knock". The solo Kanye version is a hundred times better though with the sampled crying mixed in more frequent. It's one of those dead honest story-telling verses where he laces about his insecurities while doubling it with his self indulging ego. Either way, J. Cole's got a freestyle aptly titled "Knock Knock" that he kills it on, too, and I wanted to link it up as a pseudo double sample so you can here dueling emcees floss poetic over it. Check for yourself. Oh, and I don't wanna waste my love ... which happens to be that woman on the left.

Kanye West - Apologize
Monica - Knock Knock
J. Cole - Knock Knock Freestyle

... but do take my word for it.

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