Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't Tell Nobody

So my "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" blog got deleted, too! Somebody's after me! But it's okay, cuz i'm bout to have a special joint like nothing I've ever done before. If it works out I may just have a heart attack and be a martyr through the song. Ha! Don't tell nobody though. 'Cept brandUn.

Dumb concept, but here's my favorite "Nobody" tracks! This could be a Jeopardy category or something.

Eclectic mix. And fittingly, each track deals with something completely 100% different. Whether it's insecurity in the world, acknowledging undealt-with circumstances, braggadocio of one's dopeness, facing the pain of unknowingness, or the rare praise of a man's love. Respectively, of course.

I had previously posted that amazing Leona Lewis was like my third favorite woman in the world. Well in case you didn't know, Alicia Keys is two. Eventually I'm going to dedicate a music post to each of my five wives. But again, they'll prolly get deleted for some reason they won't fully explain to me! So check back like 12 times a day! Ha!

I'll try to stray away from posting new-new stuff unless it's absolutely vital, cuz then the argument of affecting record sales is dead, but the freshest music will always find its way on these pages. So, yeah. Who am I kidding, I'm posting whatever new stuff I want whenever I want. "You, sir, were a formidable opponent." (c) Stephen Colbert

Don't wanna get sued for using that last line there! Ha! But anyway, it might be the pictures I've posted with some of the posts. Whatever it is, my blog won't die and I'll tinker to make sure of it!

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Guess We Not the Best ...

So I'm kinda pissed. I spent a good while writing up and hilariously linking up a DJ Khaled post and home dudes at the Google account services kinda deleted it into oblivion. I had posted the tracks "I'm On" featuring Nas and "Go Hard" featuring T-Kayne. So I guess I'm not doing that anymore. So here's a new post!

Danger Mouse is the beast of a producer behind the on-going Gnarls Barkley project. Hopefully you already recognize his fro and glazed stare from his and Cee-Lo's billion performances at every single awards show and late night program. I'm telling you, that hair is hiding a genius-sized musical cerebellum.

I wanted to give you all an extended taste of his sound catalogue, so here's some linkage unless it gets busted down like Michael Vick volunteering at the Humane Society again.

He's very selective when it comes to what projects he gets involved in, but the product always seems to be inventive and fresh. And that's whether it's producing for a band that's not even real, teaming up with alt-rocking Brits, or duoing with the one and only Thomas Cee-Lo DeCarlo Sinatra Green Burton Callaway.

I sweat it, even if I haven't gotten around to loving Sparklehorse, Beck, and The Black Keys yet. I guess even I need ongoing culturing in that sense.

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Tidbits of the Chronicle

In case you don't know yet, my second album is gonna be called Vol. 2, A Laptop Chronicle. Of course, continuing the computer theme. I wanted to throw out to you all the first few tracks I've finished off of it. Some of these are on my MySpace already, but I want you all completely updated! And these are all subject to change, of course!

Chris Campbell -

Tell me what you all think about any or all of em!

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Monday, September 22, 2008

The First Interview

I know y'all wanna hear my first ever for real interview!

If this don't get you hyped for my next album ... then the next interview'll have to!

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Rappers That are Better Than Me, Part 1

So I don't plan on doing this often, but who knows. The world is an ongoing experience to me and I don't know everybody. Yet. But 13,631 iTunes songs ain't a bad start and kinda gives me the authority to deduce such things like what's in this post.

So brandUn DeShay. Hit my musically-inclined ear like something else. If you don't download from the following link, then I won't ever feel like I gave you any good advice music-wise. Ever.

Dude beats me. That's it. Creative processes, beats, emulated verses, polishedness. I'd take this tape over 98% of the albums out this year. And the other 2 percent would be debatable. Like, this is some other stuff originality. And I ain't gonna lie, I'd never heard of dude before earlier today. But I get the same musical goosebumps with this dude as I did when I first heard Black Ice perform a poem and the first two bars I heard out Shadrach Kabango. And that's as good a complement as I could ever give somebody. Stan me already. Dang.

Brand new unashamed fan who's keeping tabs. *Accidental joke, I swear*

... and so concludes another masterpiece


You Can Have Whatever I Post

So I finished it quicker than I thought I would! With this song I've transitioned further into GarageBand DJism!

I'm pretty proud of this one.

I blended all of these, but every verse and chorus was written as a freestyle/remix to this exact song, so there's no sped up or slowed down or weird flowed verses!

And then I'm in it! Ha! I hope you all appreciate the inspiration if you listen to the whole song! I think it's well worth it, if even it's just for a laugh! But for real, this remix is no joke. You'll feel that the original is incomplete after you listen to "my" version!

Give me some feedback on these comments you can click on below each post! You can even drop a response anonymously if for whatever reason you don't want your name or website attached to it. All the best blogs in the world have discussions and multiple in-responses among the comments, so I'd be the happiest person alive to see some of those on this site! Peace till after the student Poetry Slam tonight!

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Began, Began with Time

Tonight I'mma be posting the remix of the century! And it's not even gonna be the Lupe "Paris, Tokyo" remix! Anybody feeling T.I.'s "Whatever You Like"? Me too. And that's all I'm saying till I post it.

Anybody ever heard a for real rap song about God besides the kinda-ish "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West? Definitely not on the radio, besides the one spin that DMX's "Lord Give Me a Sign" got before he re-upped on the crack doses. This blog's one for pointing out contradiction, ain't it? Well, I wanted to post an honest, pure God-pondering track that ain't preachy and has a vibe to it. Give retro Common and pre-Gnarls Cee-Lo a chance to explain it to you over wax. Nobody not specifically labeled a "Christian rapper" does it like this anymore!

And just for a bonus here goes the aforementioned:

I'm not asking you to take them as missionaries, but I just wanted to familiarize y'all with another side of hip hop you don't see all the time. Or ever.

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Classic: Backstage Girl

Before I go to sleep only to wake up a couple hours later to finish homework, I'm going to post this beautiful nugget of a song.

This song is by DJ Shadow featuring Phonte from Little Brother and Foreign Exchange and Zo! & Tigallo (busy dude! AND does a dope podcast) off of the album The Outsider. It was once said to be my favorite song ever. A claim I'm not sure if I disagree with today. Shadow orchestrated magically up and down through the uses of any and every sound and influence imaginable, while Phontiga weaves in and out perfectly. It's just a perfect song. No other way to put it. Much respect to everyone who makes working the turntables an awe-inspiring art form.

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Sunday, September 21, 2008

"The Laptop Mixtape" Cover Re-Visited

So I've been outdone! The new "The Laptop Mixtape" cover will now be the one designed by the wonderful and amazing Ern!

It's much more rapper-appropriate! HA!

Those orange glasses were shattered in a gang war, but now they'll be immortalized forever on my album artwork!

... and so concludes another masterpiece


Charles The Hamiltonization Process

One of my favorite rappers out right now is Charles Hamilton. He's relatively new in the sense that he doesn't have a formally released "album" out, but he's got free mixtapes galore. His internet dominance can be viewed Flash-style on the website Every two weeks comes a brand new mixtape with a completely new concept. And each is worth downloading if you're willingly interested in someone wanting to make hip hop a more creativve process altogether, but one who still comes hard on the mic.

His first release is ironically called Death of the Mixtape Rapper (downloadable link!). This tape can take you by surprise in its seemingly contradictory approach. It's titled that yet he's pushing a line of mixtapes ... and he's claiming to be a force outside of industry influence yet his lyrics don't seem to tend to far from the mainstream tree ... but that's exactly the point. Charles opens his musical opus with this intentional ode to the new brand of uninterested, money-hungry "rappers" that come out with a mixtape on a daily basis. This album is more inclined to prove a point than to creatively blow your mind (that aspect is reserved for later). Charles shows that he can out-swagger the swaggeriest, even before the posse cut of the millennium dropped. Even if it only serves as a way to ease commercial fans into his music, its effective and impressive.

His second is called And Then They Played Dilla (downloadable link!). This one's a nod to the unfortunate fact that to the collective rap world, the musical genius of mega-producer J Dilla has only come to be appreciated after his untimely death. But Charles doesn't just rap over an old Jay Dee beat tape to pay his respects, he does what Dilla would do! He respins sampled Dilla instrumentals into his own beats, and then rhymes over them. So a futuristic approach to classic sounds is made. You can't beat contradiction!

So if you claim to be a fan of rap music, then you better be up on this guy before his Interscope-released debut sees the light of day. Or else you'll have a lot of catching up to do.

And what's better than a rapper who's unafraid to make Sonic the Hedgehog culturally relevant again? That takes me back to those 16-bit video game days long before I knew the relevance of 16-bits due to the C++ programming class I'm currently taking!


Keep Your Love Lockdown

Just in case you're wearing hip hop blocking shades, I wanted to post Kanye's crazy amazing new single "Love Lockdown".

Kanye West - Love Lockdown zip

In that I have all three versions out right now: the VMA-closing live performance, the studio demo that popped up shortly after, and the newly revamped and re-sung version. I love it beyond all lovingness even though Kan doesn't rap a single bar, he's always been an artist above genre, and if auto tune makes him confident in his singing ability, I'll take it for all it's worth, cuz 808's and Heartbreaks is gonna be a stupid amazing album, and yes, I know this is a crazy-long run on sentence. I like the song that much.


"The Laptop Mixtape" Cover

So it's a lil' delayed, but I just put together this cheaply "gimped" cover artwork for "The Laptop Mixtape". And here it is!

I didn't want it crazy conceptual for my first album. I wanted it just me. Accomplished.


Please Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself ...

So I decided to go on a non-MySpace adventure right here. I've kept a blog over there for like two or three years now, but with my recent venture into actual music making, I wanted to overstep the limitations and restrictions of that other site. I'm gonna put up all kinds of things on here, mainly geared towards my own personal catalogue, but also links to music and videos you definitely need in your life.

Bookmark this page, cuz it's gonna be essential.

Introductorily, y'all need to click right here to download my debut album, "The Laptop Mixtape". It's 22 tracks of unfiltered, creative me. I put the project together from start to finish in all of three weeks with features from my personal peoples Aaronn, Steven, and Tyler, as well as digital features from John Legend and Cormega (even though neither one of em know it yet).

I'm prolly gonna wind up posting more stuff on here than MySpace in the future, but check out both! I'm not gonna blow up into a fully inspired blog world like the one and only Charles Hamilton, but it's important to check multiple sources of my creative writing from time to time. I'm excited about this blog and how it's gonna bring me to you all better, so check back in with me.

Bookmark it!