Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Part One: Intro to a New World

So it's been weeks now. I've been trying to get all my senses straight about the whole thing. For the first time since I've committed my unadulterated fandom (est'd 2003) to the troops in purple and gold, we have won the whole thing. Part-by-part I will be releasing my epic essay (or novel as it seems to be turning into now) on my reasons as to why this team is so integral to my life. Essential even. I’ll start slow on the intro so you can get your reading chops ready, but trust me, there’s much to be posted. Enjoy, comment, harass, whatever. I’ll prolly update this here and on Facebook each day with each new part.

It all started in Pigeon Forge while I was immersed in all the channels of our family's condo's television set. We didn't have cable back home, so that was half the lure of any given vacation. Previous to that day, I couldn't have cared any less about any given sport. But through the miracle of the immaculate presentation of ESPN's coverage of the opening week of NBA free agency, I was exposed to the initial story-line that would dictate my future in-depth interests and attachments to the game and organization I am immersed with today. Rumors were swirling that it was possible that one Karl Malone and one Gary Payton could sacrifice the extensive riches entitled to two close-to-retirement future Hall-of-Famers and join one Shaquille O'Neal and one Kobe Bryant to vie for an NBA championship.

[to be continued]

... but do take my word for it.

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