Sunday, July 26, 2009

True Story, My Closet is Like Two Stories

Now for the official record, Rick Ross bores me to tears. I don't care that he's the most ridiculously stagnant coke rapper in the industry or that he's 500 pounds and dirty while trying to pass himself off as a desirable dude. I don't even care that his punchlines are more stale than Monica Lewinsky joke two presidents later. And even after that I don't care that he was a correctional officer before he was a fake drug pin. I don't like him simply because of that fugly chain he wears of himself. I mean, majority of his music does suck pretty bad since he frickin' has only one emotion as the pseudo-suave cocaine-selling lady-wrangler. That's true, too. Whichever aspect of his fake life it is that you dislike him for is irrelevant however when listening to one of the incarnations of "Maybach Music".

You know what? I think I'd want Ross to executive produce my album. He picks exactly half the production & exactly half the guest features. Then he gets kicked out the studio. I can't let him mess anything up after that.

Rick Ross -

... but do take my word for it. iTunes Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap link

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