Monday, July 13, 2009

Jealousy #2: The Use of Language

Number two of my jealously list came to my realization in the form of the straight linguistic masterings of Pharoahe Monch. It's something beyond metaphors, rhyme scheme, articulation, or anything else that can be amply described. The only thing I could compare it to to try and get my point across is any given basketball player's floor game. You know, everything involving court vision, dribbling, understanding of offensive sets, decision making, shooting ability, timing, and whatever else. Pharoahe Monch has one of the best floor games in the hip hop world when it comes to his overall use of the language that makes rap so beloved by its fans.

"The master who speaks masterfully what he has mastered. For flaws to change, new laws are forecasted. This is bigger than the Dirty South or bi-coastal. It's global war, and the weapon we choose are Pro Tools. Rap moguls get slapped with vocals until they learn its colloquial, as though we're going postal. It's what I am supposed to do. I suppose you revolutionists stop to thinking that's old school. Let me assist you like Malone from Stockton; I'm in the cock pit, cocked back and locked it, indoctrinated with these hot toxins, refuse to be labeled, degraded, and boxed in. Let's go."

To me, this should be read as something from the letter of a great American mind's journal entry in the diary of livelihood. It's poetic, yet darn near an address to the nation. I left it in paragraph form because I almost feel it's a disservice to the verse's overall cohesive message to break it up bar by bar. Monch is an orator. Forget the forum. We just normally hear him in rhythmic form. I'm jealous.


... but do take my word for it.

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