Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Month Ago ...

While I was on my temporarily blogging hiatus last month, I completely whiffed on ever posting the insane promo mixtape leading up to the Broken Headphones album that I just posted milliseconds ago.

QuESt -

Like I've mentioned before, I warmed up to QuESt's crazy unique style initially through his features on two Charlie Hilton tracks off of Good Food. And they were definably two standout tracks. He's got that crossed inflection and flow between a Jay-Z circa '96 and a Fahrenheit-era Lupe. But he's one hundred percent wholly his own rapper, so don't get me wrong when I mention the comparisons. What's equally as impressive as the product he's pushing is how easily he's gotten the word out to the blogosphere. Dude legitimately had people anticipating and emotionally investing in the date of July 28th, whether through the mixtape that I'm retroactively linking up in this post, or scattered hype videos across the internet, or the strategically leaked singles that happen to be floating around. With his team, he efficiently got himself an indie following straight out the box. And once you get onto his music, his concepts and lyrics speak for themselves. So there ya go. Cop both freebies and get to know the man who has the potential to be a staying figure in hip hop if he can keep up the atmosphere he's built around himself on the internet in 2009.

... but do take my word for it.

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