Wednesday, October 1, 2008

#5: Not the Creek

So my computer's been down for a while cuz I left my power chord back in the Ville, but I'm good now. And none of my posts got deleted while I was gone! So here's the first ode to my favorite women on the planet.

Numba 5 is ... Rosario Dawson!!!

She's every bit of Puerto Rican, African, Cuban, Irish, and Native American! Woooow! Can't beat that. She coulda got like $500 billion in scholarships!

She's in movies like He's Got Game, The Rundown, Clerks II, Alexander, and Men in Black II. But my favorite contribution of hers to my life comes in the form of a "feature" of sorts in an Andre 3000 song! So you know she's legit!

She's just big time all around, getting role in movie after movie as well as sequel after sequel. She's got a voice. She's non-partisan (OH MY GOD!). She's involved in about a thousand organizations and charities. She's a producer. And she does comic books. Now that's a woman. I mean, I'm not big into comic books, but nothing replaces that kind of variety.

And she's gorgeous.

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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