Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Remix Part Three!!!

So I changed the title of my remix project to Remix Part Three!!! That one's to Tyler. Hahahaha!

I redid both my previous big ole remixes and got a new one for y'all to marinate on.

[EDIT: Better versions available here. Download those instead.]

Chris Campbell

I really love making these and inserting what little influence I can have composition-wise and by adding my own verse on each one. I just really, really like it. The only thing is the cursing. I'm not trying to be all holier-than-thou on the subject, cuz I'm definitely not, but I just never want me cussing to be on wax. I don't like it and I don't want it. Every rapper has to make the decision on their own if they waste bars on filler swears, use cursing for important emphasis, or just simply and creatively write around them. I choose the third. So saying all that, I just had to make this a side project, cuz any of my personal Laptop series mixtapes are gonna be me and my features and my scratches all one hundred percent clean for urbody's ears. On that Chamillionaire tip since Mixtape Messiah 3 (downloadable link).

So be looking for that tape for all the hip hop freestyle junkies in the world. Expect maybe a "No One", maybe an old Jay-Z song or two, definitely a "Put On", most definitely a "Hero", and a few others prolly to finish up the tape and for me to have it zipped and downloadable this month.

And since got musical ADD, I'm making a fake radio station interview comedy album, too. It'll be in the vein of the two interviews I have already, but with different guests including famous musicians and some crazy stand-up comics. If it comes out even remotely like I'm planning, it'll be flippin' hilarious. I'll keep ya posted and updated.

Enjoy the mega-remixes and spread em to your friends!

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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