Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't Tell Nobody

So my "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" blog got deleted, too! Somebody's after me! But it's okay, cuz i'm bout to have a special joint like nothing I've ever done before. If it works out I may just have a heart attack and be a martyr through the song. Ha! Don't tell nobody though. 'Cept brandUn.

Dumb concept, but here's my favorite "Nobody" tracks! This could be a Jeopardy category or something.

Eclectic mix. And fittingly, each track deals with something completely 100% different. Whether it's insecurity in the world, acknowledging undealt-with circumstances, braggadocio of one's dopeness, facing the pain of unknowingness, or the rare praise of a man's love. Respectively, of course.

I had previously posted that amazing Leona Lewis was like my third favorite woman in the world. Well in case you didn't know, Alicia Keys is two. Eventually I'm going to dedicate a music post to each of my five wives. But again, they'll prolly get deleted for some reason they won't fully explain to me! So check back like 12 times a day! Ha!

I'll try to stray away from posting new-new stuff unless it's absolutely vital, cuz then the argument of affecting record sales is dead, but the freshest music will always find its way on these pages. So, yeah. Who am I kidding, I'm posting whatever new stuff I want whenever I want. "You, sir, were a formidable opponent." (c) Stephen Colbert

Don't wanna get sued for using that last line there! Ha! But anyway, it might be the pictures I've posted with some of the posts. Whatever it is, my blog won't die and I'll tinker to make sure of it!

... and so concludes another masterpiece



    i love you

  2. please blog about wiz khalifa, and his new tape and how awsome he is ha

  3. you got it. upcoming. and, yes to the rest of my viewers, i do take requests!!!

  4. see, thats why i mess with you, you listen to you

    oh, just to make you mad (but please still talk about wiz) NObama


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