Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poetic Heartbreak in Acapella

There's technically a space in "A capella" and an extra "p", but I didn't want it there cuz this is how I've misspelled it my whole life! Thanks to Ern for the amazing album cover again, again, again! She only charges me a free-ninety-nine for each one. This picture to the right is slightly updated from the zip file that's linked, so you can drag this one to replace the artwork on iTunes or whatever.

Now to explain it. The base of the photograph is of course my journal. It's actually opened to the original scribblings of my song "In My Mind" that's gonna be on Vol. 2, A Laptop Chronicle. Passing the torch above it is my previous journal from junior year in high school. The two pictures are me with Shihan and Black Ice, the two greatest spoken word poets EVER, who I've both gotten to see perform in the last couple months worth hours of goosebumps and enlightenment! It was more rewarding for me to meet and talk to them than about any other famous person because they were so down to earth and deep. I love those pictures.

My ear buds are gently wrapping themselves up in my notebook. That's my inspiration giving way to the writing that the pen's manifesting. Also, the top left corner actually has a Steven Wright comedy album poking in the picture. The part of that cover shows an abstract perception trick on the pictured flat, checkered floor, so it's kinda just an artsy things-aren't-always-what-they-seem message. But Steven Wright himself, though out of the picture, is the sideways hint of comedy even in serious situations tinged on my album as a whole. It's deep stuff, but some of it's just as fun as it is thought-provoking.

Lastly, the bottom ribbon coming out of the notebook represents that this is all a reminiscing experience. A lot of the poems were situations that arose in my past, but each has lessons that pertain to even today. But eventually, though I enjoy all the good and bad parts of my past, I gotta flip back up the the held spot of the present. And I gotta write my way into the future.

Download it and tell me whatcha think!

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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  1. And who was the first one to figure out all of this deep symbolism?


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