Monday, October 20, 2008

Here We Stand

So before the worst-day-of-my-life-Sunday, I had an awesome Saturday with Ern and made a bunch of new music and refixed some old stuff. Can't ask for anything better than that.

Brand new song from nothing to share with youz guys:

We each wrote our own verses as we went. Kind of a 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. process if ya know what I mean. Well ... um, it means we finished the song at 5 in the morning ...

Most beautiful voice ever. Ever.


And so much more, but the main theme for this post is how she's my favorite singer I've ever heard.

... and so concludes another masterpiece


  1. okay, after a failed attempt the last time, which made me feel like an idiot, i am writing you again. haha. i friggin love you chris campbell. you're amazing in every way and i don't want anyone (and if i knew how to underline, i would underline anyone haha)to make you think different! you continue to inspire me with your music... don't ever, ever, ever stop writing, or i will have to kidnap you and make you write for me,that is unless you kidnap me first, then i'll have tuh get free and then kidnap you muhahaha, *ahem* please don't make me do that. welp talk to you lata soooon. peace

  2. Hey, Well first of the song is AMAZING (although I slept through most of the writing process haha). Keep it up! Your music inspires me in so many ways and it moves people in ways you can't begin to understand! Love ya boy! =]


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