Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a General Update

Just wanted to let you all know about all my projects and those upcoming.

The Laptop Mixtape
Download the whole thing for free right HERE!!! This is all pre-college Chris, so jump on it! It's already vintage by now! Features the smash single "My Life" with accompanying features of Aaronn Ralph and the special album-only version with Steven replacing my chorus vocals. But if you have something against Shtee, then you can download the single-only version off my MySpace! And let's not forget the song that started it all, "School's Almost Over"!

Vol. 2, A Laptop Chronicle
I've posted a lot of the songs I've finished from it on this blog, but even those have mostly been tweaked for my sophomore effort. It currently stands at 11 completely done tracks on my iTunes, but I got at least 6 completely untouched brand new (produced by me) beats sitting in GarageBand. Plus the two brandUn tracks. Plus about three or four other instrumentals I wanna go over if they come out right. So yeah, it's shaping up. I have no idead when it's be completely zipped and out in the world, but it shouldn't be too long. Oh, and I just finished this quick ditty. "Brett Favre" (downloadable link). A hilarious sample flipped to an an important concept. An ode to Ethan, of course. Ha! The whole thing'll be out soon enough. Has less features than my first (whether that's a good or bad thing) and some original Chris Campbell production. Lead single is the Andre and Norah featured "Take It Off".

Remix Part Three!!!
In case you're not Tyler or not a retentive Busta Rhymes fan, this title is a tribute to his screaming at the beginning of the sloppily compiled internet remixes of "Touch It" a couple years back. But it's my crazy big remix project of all the recent hit singles in which everybody and their mom dropped a freestyle verse or remix to. I compiled 'em all, mixed 'em, dropped a verse on 'em, and let the world have the product. Currently 100% done with 6 songs off it, and it'll prolly end up being 10 or 11 deep. Commercial product, but one with integrity. The Alicia Keys remix that I did is DOPE!

Simply Poetic
A spoken word album. This is where the heavy stuff will be. A couple poems have been featured on some of my tracks, but this is where they'll be performed in all their acapella glory. Not much else to know. I just need to sit down hard on this and I could get it done crazy quick. But, you know ...

27 Point Me
This is following the concept started in my second mixtape's interludes. Chris Campbell will have taken over a radio station and provides you with the latest and greatest songs as well as exclusive interviews with legendary musicians and comedians. Robin Williams? Dane Cook? Lauryn Hill? Dave Chappelle? Frank Caliendo? I'm not telling. It's a comedy concept CD obviously. Only one track into it, but the mental construction is all there! And the radio station is 27.ME, hence the title. Dumb, but you'll get over it.

That's everything currently in a nutshell. This is prolly why I never get any sleep, cuz I for sure don't have any free time to be composing all of this!

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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