Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Guess He's Back

Why is the 2dopeboyz comment boards my favorite place to argue now? Well, regardless, a new Eminem song came out. So ... I might have had something to say about it.

Eminem - 3 A.M.

I'll just highlight my few points and rebuttals amongst the 276 comments:

-"yea, i’m not feeling it too much. is there really a need for kim kardashian butt reference in BOTH of the first 2 songs released on any given album?
voice is grating, as mentioned. i don’t know. guess i’m not feeling psychotic murder tracks in 2009. but that might just be me."

-"is anybody sittin at their computer listenin to this and thinkin to themselves, “heck yeah. i can relate to this.”?
i mean, if this is the kind of song some of you all bump on repeat, cool. the story itself is straight i guess, but i know i won’t be riding to this track or playing it at a party or meditatin to it or prolly ever searchin out for it on my ipod again after today.
my favorite part is how sick the instrumental gets on that demented “lotion in the bucket” bridge. i’m not one to question dre, but i enjoyed that part a lot more than the rest of the instrumental."

-"if you LIKE listening to murder stories in an intentional crazy voice, then you will LIKE this song. if you DON’T like listening to murder stories in an intentional crazy voice, then you will NOT like this song.
you can’t expect everyone to like this. it IS a great concept. it IS genius writing in the portrayal of a psychopath. it IS genius rhyme schemes. but the song packaged as a whole isn’t that great. it might be fully appreciated by some fans, but most of us don’t have that lane where we wanna listen to a high-pitched audio clip of “cape fear”."

-"what the staunch supporters of this song need to understand is that some people just don’t have a place for this song in their lives. i’m happy that eminem created this narrative if that’s what he needed to creatively get out of his system. BUT … the package of this song is a genius psychopath gore story wrapped in the middle of a slightly annoying character.
just because someone doesn’t enjoy this song doesn’t mean that they’re retarded or hate quality music. i guarantee there’s gonna be songs on the album that us who DON’T enjoy this song will still bump on repeat. but i’m sure em made this song KNOWING that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to appreciate it because of the full package that he presented it in. and, after listening to this joint open-mindedly five different times tonight, i’m prolly not gonna ever look for it again to play. that’s where most of us are coming from.
i’ll admit any day of the week that the lyrics are AMAZING in this song. but, to me, it’s just not an enjoyable song. that’s all. and yes, there are definitely blind haters that would type the same crap shooting down eminem on here no matter what the song sounded like, but that’s NOT the mindset that most of us are coming from. and it doesn’t make you any better of a hip hop fan than us if you disagree. and it dang sure has nothing to do with rick ross or 50 cent or soulja boy or anyone else regardless …"

-"AGAIN. what the heck does rick ross have to do with someone liking or not liking this song? or pop culture at all for that matter?"

-"em has sold tens of millions of records. do people really feel the need to bring up racism here? the white man isn’t that down on his luck or public image … come on now."

You gotta read the rest of the crap here to know the full story of everybody fighting over this track. Ha.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.

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