Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twitterers You Should Follow

If you don't have a Twitter, I don't know how you've held out so long. But here's my guide to the only important people on there.

1. Me! - chriscampbell27
I'm always one to update with quotes by my British physics teacher, rehash the best song lyrics you may have never heard, exclusively admit to something in the Twitter world that I wouldn't in real life, inform you of the paradise I currently reside at, update the UK basketball game I'm attending, or tell you why the Lakers are better than your favorite team. That's really all you need to know.

2. Jon Calipari - UKCoachCalipari
Coach prolly has the dopest one out right now. He's so crazy motivational all the time. He's frickin' Ghandi rolled up with Benjamin Franklin sprinkled with a little bit of Chuck Norris. And what's messin' with that? Billy G would have only used his twitter to hit on campus chicks.

3. The View - BarbaraJWalters, JoyVBehar, SherriEShepherd, ehasselbeck
Whoopi won't get one, so the rest of the cast will just have to do. I don't care what anybody says, this is the best political show there is on television. I record it at home on the DVR. I cannot tell a lie. Uff what you think.

4. Weird Al - alyankovic
The greatest comedic musician of our time has one of the funniest roll of updates you'll ever read. I've seen him front row. He is that dude. Search his page and find how he's literally connected to every important person in any given industry there is. He was my first musical inspiration. Who'da thunk it would come to this?

5. Shaquille O'Neal - THE_REAL_SHAQ
You never know. He might ask you to touch him for free tickets.

6. Phonte - phontigallo
Dope tweets, dope rhymes ... what more could you ask for?

7. brandUn DeShay - brandundeshay
Because he's the best new musician out. Period. And why wouldn't you want to follow the dude who gave me two beats for my debut album? That would just be rude. If you don't follow him, then that means you're being a jerk. And no one likes anyone who's being a jerk all the time.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.


so what did ya think about whatever the heck i wrote?