Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter Reviews!

So I just gotta say, I did buy the new Asher Roth album. Man. First purchase recently since I did my usual roundup of the newest Kanye, Common, and John Legend cuts that always seem to pervade the CD waves at the same time.

Welp, here's my magical Twitter summary of each song 140 characters at a time.

1. Lark On My Go Kart: interesting free-word association over nintendo-sounding beat. good for an intro i guess.
2. Blunt Cruisin': just a weed song. beyond boring with the ULTRA-slow flow, dumb ad-libs. maybe the worst song i've ever heard.
3. I Love College: best part is the MC Lyte intro. i hope she got a lot of money for that sample. like every penny of the billion mtv plays.
4. La Di Da: nice soundscape with way better flow than the others. genuine writing w/nonsense chorus that im definitely still feel anyways!
5. Be By Myself: awesome beat with perfect cee-lo feature. how could this turn out bad? it couldnt. single-intent, but still sweet. cee-lo!
6. She Don't Wanna Man: crazy catchy single. some purposely dumb lyrics, but its such a good premise & keri hilson chorus that its great.
7: Sour Patch Kids: love the production, real nice life-analyzing lyrics. big surprise. different look for him, but i find no blemish in it.
8. As I Em: the eminem song. chester french fits perfect on it & the words are pretty intense & well-aimed. different kinda white guilt. ha.
9. Lion's Roar: hit or miss with this one. its the clubby im-hittin-on-you-hard track. busta's crazy on it. beat's fine. feelin it less tho.
10. Bad Day: intentionally ridiculous dream-sequence track with big jazze pha chorus. pointless, but pretty fun. feels like a PG eminem cut.
11. His Dream: perfect singing chorus by miguel stands out. very introspective-ish. sad storytelling. winds up a really good song. deep.
12. Fallin': school days reminiscing. his most interesting flow yet. sweet nottz beat. practically laughing through all his memories. GREAT.
13. Perfectionist: there's usually a reason why songs are deemed "bonus". beanie's boring on it. the HARD reggae parts are misplaced. aight.
14. The Lounge: terribly annoying intro & chorus, but the verses are REALLY good. hilarious ponderings delivered masterfully. what IS rap?
15. Y.O.U.: european bonus track, pretty painful. i hate to complain about a slick rick track, but the sample is shank-in-the-ear worthy.

Yup. I read it in another review and it's my main issue as well: Asher seems to enjoy going off on intentionally purposeless verse rants. Like, they literally mean absolutely nothing. It only hurts because he really shows on other songs that he can rhyme entertainingly with purpose. But overall, I really have to say I enjoyed Asleep in the Bread Aisle. Besides "Blunt Cruisin'", "I Love College", and "Y.O.U." (which I personally find unlistenable), there are no skip-worthy joints. Once he defines himself beyond that one white frat boy, he's got potential for a legit name. Here's hoping he can have have a career past "College".

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.

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