Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty Wangs

So I gotta say I have no idea who Maxwell is. But I love the one song I've heard from him. Guess I'm not as up on '90s R&B as I should be. Should I be up on '90s R&B?

Obviously I should be if his old stuff sounded like this. The songwriting touches my soul on some whole other level. Like to the HNL (for my madTV-ers). It's really weird, but from this song alone he's leapfrogged all the other R&B dudes out right now for me. His voice does everything on this song over disgusting gorgeous love production. This music is love. That's the only way I can describe it. Man. I've been waiting for this song my whole life and I still don't even know who this dude is. I even made a beat off of this song this morning. Prolly a III: Laptopical track to-be.

I just really like this song.

Maxwell - Pretty Wings

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.

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