Sunday, November 23, 2008

Message from a Black Man

These joints are prolly the most obviously triple-sampled ever, ever. Usually there's lyrical interpolation involved in sampling to not be a blatant rip, but these MC's said, "Nah, forget that son, I'm keepin' it real." That was in my Dave Chappelle typing voice if you couldn't tell. Jacked that picture from another site who did a similar post.

They all take their beautiful plucking from the song "Message from a Black Man" by The Whatnauts. I know it's in no way plagiarism cuz they each obviously got the sample cleared, but you think producers ever listen to music from somewhere close to abouts ... now? So which one you like betterest?

Verse-wise they each get different looks, though, cuz even though they each are from NYC and have a 6 degrees link [see: as-yet-unwritten classics "Verbal Intercourse" & "Biochemical Equation" as well as at 3:11 of this video], no one's accusing Metal Face, Bobby Digital, or Escobar of sounding anything alike.

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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