Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Guess We Not the Best ...

So I'm kinda pissed. I spent a good while writing up and hilariously linking up a DJ Khaled post and home dudes at the Google account services kinda deleted it into oblivion. I had posted the tracks "I'm On" featuring Nas and "Go Hard" featuring T-Kayne. So I guess I'm not doing that anymore. So here's a new post!

Danger Mouse is the beast of a producer behind the on-going Gnarls Barkley project. Hopefully you already recognize his fro and glazed stare from his and Cee-Lo's billion performances at every single awards show and late night program. I'm telling you, that hair is hiding a genius-sized musical cerebellum.

I wanted to give you all an extended taste of his sound catalogue, so here's some linkage unless it gets busted down like Michael Vick volunteering at the Humane Society again.

He's very selective when it comes to what projects he gets involved in, but the product always seems to be inventive and fresh. And that's whether it's producing for a band that's not even real, teaming up with alt-rocking Brits, or duoing with the one and only Thomas Cee-Lo DeCarlo Sinatra Green Burton Callaway.

I sweat it, even if I haven't gotten around to loving Sparklehorse, Beck, and The Black Keys yet. I guess even I need ongoing culturing in that sense.

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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