Sunday, September 21, 2008

Please Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself ...

So I decided to go on a non-MySpace adventure right here. I've kept a blog over there for like two or three years now, but with my recent venture into actual music making, I wanted to overstep the limitations and restrictions of that other site. I'm gonna put up all kinds of things on here, mainly geared towards my own personal catalogue, but also links to music and videos you definitely need in your life.

Bookmark this page, cuz it's gonna be essential.

Introductorily, y'all need to click right here to download my debut album, "The Laptop Mixtape". It's 22 tracks of unfiltered, creative me. I put the project together from start to finish in all of three weeks with features from my personal peoples Aaronn, Steven, and Tyler, as well as digital features from John Legend and Cormega (even though neither one of em know it yet).

I'm prolly gonna wind up posting more stuff on here than MySpace in the future, but check out both! I'm not gonna blow up into a fully inspired blog world like the one and only Charles Hamilton, but it's important to check multiple sources of my creative writing from time to time. I'm excited about this blog and how it's gonna bring me to you all better, so check back in with me.

Bookmark it!

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