Monday, September 22, 2008

Rappers That are Better Than Me, Part 1

So I don't plan on doing this often, but who knows. The world is an ongoing experience to me and I don't know everybody. Yet. But 13,631 iTunes songs ain't a bad start and kinda gives me the authority to deduce such things like what's in this post.

So brandUn DeShay. Hit my musically-inclined ear like something else. If you don't download from the following link, then I won't ever feel like I gave you any good advice music-wise. Ever.

Dude beats me. That's it. Creative processes, beats, emulated verses, polishedness. I'd take this tape over 98% of the albums out this year. And the other 2 percent would be debatable. Like, this is some other stuff originality. And I ain't gonna lie, I'd never heard of dude before earlier today. But I get the same musical goosebumps with this dude as I did when I first heard Black Ice perform a poem and the first two bars I heard out Shadrach Kabango. And that's as good a complement as I could ever give somebody. Stan me already. Dang.

Brand new unashamed fan who's keeping tabs. *Accidental joke, I swear*

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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