Sunday, November 2, 2008

New New: B.o.B

Straight jacking artists from the XXL list, but I'm gonna highlight my favorite guys you possibly haven't heard of yet due to their newness in the game. New new for you you. (c) Killer Mike

B.o.B is a guy that really, really impressed me. You can immediately place him as an Atlanta native from his Southern drawl that Andre has taught me to appreciate so much. And the guy spits with all kinda vigor utilizing his distinctive voice. And while his lyrics are definitely on point, the most outstanding feature about him to me is his insanely clever sense of humor and willingness to infuse it in any and every manner possible through his songs and interludes. While I only have one mixtape to go off of in my opinion of, it cleverly cemented my opinion rather quickly. And shout out to the hilarious Playboy Tre' for lacing decades of rap hilarity in the already mentioned interludes.

Dude's musicality is absolutely through the roof. And I just gotta add these two tracks that are not on the tape to prove it. These are frickin' dang near classic cuts on first listen to me.


... and so concludes another masterpiece

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