Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Lambo Isn't Blue

I'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not for me to write up an election column on here. Just seems to me, at least for one emotional night, no one is even remotely open to actually listen to a differing opinion. If your Facebook status currently isn't "My Pr3ZiD3NT is BLACK" or "I'm moving to Canada because this country is hopeless and everyone in it is evil and ignorant", then I'm genuinely surprised. People are ... people I guess. Whatever.

But on the music tip, I pretty much hated every rapper's Barack Obama track because they were redundant and rarely brought up actual issues. So I had to leave it up to John Legend to actually write a real song about it. And he didn't even name drop. It's just a track of hope in the middle of an electoral atmosphere. That's all. So check it, unless you're giving up on the foundation of a 242-year old country that is the greatest establishment ever put together, just because you don't agree with what you think an elected official's financial or gay rights plan is. Or if you think an admittedly proud born-again Christian is the antichrist. The second track's a bonus on that spoken word/Chicago hip hop/new age pop scene stuff. Ha! And God bless you to the few even keeled people out there currently!

... and so concludes another masterpiece

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