Tuesday, November 9, 2010

J. Cole: Ode to 3000

"This is my story, this is my song
If you ain't got the heart, don’t attempt to try this at home
It’s just a poem from a man once living wrong
Now I’m in the zone, tell the world I’m coming home ..."

-J. Cole from "I'm Coming Home (Demo)" in 2010

"Yo, this is my story, this is my song
And to them rudy poots, don't attempt to try this at home
It's just a poem until y'all learn right from wrong
Know when to bless a situation, when to grab the chrome ..."

-Andre 3000 from OutKast's "Chonkyfire" in 1998

I think all the hip hop heads in the world can agree that up-and-comers tributing legendary emcees is a great thing. So when I heard Cole spit start off a verse old school Andre 3000-style on his Diddy reference track, I got the hint that hip hop wanted me to start a new segment on here. And here we have it. I'ma keep it super simple.

Look Ma, no pics ...

... and Free Enes.

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