Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DeShay Catch-Up: An Actual Post

I've been slacking as a number have brandUn DeShay joints have been spread to the world recently. He says he's artistically holding off on releasing a personal project for a little while, but by the looks of it he'll be leading his continued hip hop assault with production credits, features, and music videos. What else do ya need from the man who's already given you the best indie trilogy of mixtapes you'll ever hear?

Tyler, the Creator - BFF (feat. brandUn DeShay)
LaVish – Life (feat. brandUn DeShay)
brandUn DeShay - OMG An Actual Freestyle
Rockie Fresh - I’m Rollin’ (feat. brandUn DeShay)
Raz Fresco – Super Smash Bros. (feat. brandUn DeShay)
brandUn DeShay - The Sun Goes Down
ChillxWill – The Landng (feat. Ayomari & brandUn DeShay)

... and Free Enes.

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