Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's Goin' On with Me

Figured I'd get y'all up to date with my goings-on before I stay up all night with reports and homework at the library.

So my Deka Records album is completely done. I Get That a Lot. Sent in, artworked up, tracklisted, and set for release in 2 to 4 weeks. I've been told I'll have an exact release within a few days, so keep looking for that. The album will be released as digital only at first. Not sure if iTunes immediately, but guaranteed to be on iTunes. And then pressings of the actual CDs will commence afterwards. Again, no official dates or anything, but there's the generalities. Already posted the back art, but here's the tracklist again.

1. Hold On (feat. Steven Gilpin)
2. Before
3. Hannabella (feat. brandUn DeShay & Steven Gilpin) [prod. by DeShay Ali]
4. Run
5. Got Me?
6. Legendary (feat. Steven Gilpin)
7. Back Home (feat. Aaronn Ralph)
8. Kinda Fly [prod. by DeShay Ali]
9. Since (feat. Aaronn Ralph)
10. Chills
11. Enlightened (feat. Aaronn Ralph & Steven Gilpin)
12. Land of Mine (feat. Steven Gilpin)
13. Under the Rain
14. What I Thought

So except tracks 3 and 8 which are helmed by the incomparable brandUn DeShay, all compositions are from the realm of Angus Malone. You feel that other worldy vibe in the air? That's Angus Malone. With that lil' eery sense of completion in a universe of the categorizably incomplete, Angus Malone draws that perfect circle. What? Exactly. The single, "Hold On", is also slated to be remixed with contribution from (hopefully!!!) Charlie Hilton, Nova-Lyric, Ern, T-Burr, (hopefully!!!) brandUn DeShay, Lavish, and (hopefully!!!) the homie Praverb. Could wind up being an absolutely essential track covering the entire United States. I hope everybody I've reached out to enjoys and goes in on it as much as I'm hoping.

No Really, I'm a Rapper EP will tentatively be available for free download a week before my actual album release. It also will be one hundred percent original music produced by brandUn, Charlie Hilton, and Adam Braun. Short lil' tape, but a beautiful sampler of tracks that either couldn't get cleared because of it's sample or that was finished too late. Perfect appetizer for y'all.

The newly started project, Sonic the Campbellton, is in full effect. Hahaha. I love that title. It's gonna be a full-length mixtape of redubbed Charles Hamilton production. My vocals will grace instrumentals he's released and we'll just see what happens. Maybe when I send it to him he'll even give it a listen.

Another new development is The Laptop Mixtape: ReFix!!! that I'm going to try and get together when I can. I'll be redoing my entire first mixtape. All the same lyrics, but with better delivery, better presentation, better quality, and an overall better product. I feel like I've grown too much as a rapper since I recorded it to leave it as is, so I wanna make it a product I can proudly list in my catalogue. I love it now, but it doesn't reach the potential that the lyrics give it with how I rapped when I first started. Gonna be fun to relive it.

And then there's gonna be ReReRemix. It's gonna be sequel to Remix Part Three!!! in that it's me mashing together the hundred individual freestyles that every rapper and their mom puts out to whatever popular song, but with my own lil' flavor and ingenuity. And this time the joints are gonna be better produced and more concise. No 16 minute long joints. Ha. Even though I know you still listened to it.

The long-ago announced 27 Point Me is still gonna be completed one day. It's the musical comedy joint set up like a radio station with me interviewing celebrities and hip hop oriented skits. It's gonna be good, I just gotta settle in on it.

The third installment of my Laptop Trilogy is dubbed III: Laptopical. It will be the collective tale of how my life has changed in the last year since I started recording music. A mixture of everything from the freestyles to check-up interludes to poetry. It's simply the revolving door of my conscious. Don't expect it any kinda soon, but expect it.

At some point, I'm going to redo the entire Goodie Mob Soul Food album with all the rappers I know in Kentucky. Nothing can live up to Goodie, but we'll do a KY-styled version like how was already done by tons of in-state artists with OutKast's ATLiens. Tentatively called KY Whole Food.

So yeah. That's everything I can think of as of now. Well ... I gotta get on this lab report and crap. Hope y'all are all still here to support me when the album drops and everything that happens musically from then on. Peace.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.

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