Monday, March 9, 2009

Classic: No Alibi

So far I've enjoyed the Jimmy Fallon show pretty well. You can tell he's nervous as crap most of the time, but he'll figure out what to do to keep the awkward talk show moments to a minimum sooner or later. But indelibly, The Roots simply kill it. Like brutally.

So in honor of the legendary Roots crew, I'll post their classic "No Alibi". Off Illadelph Halflife, it just showcases Black Thought's effortless flow over any sound ever.

"So if you seen or you heard it, maybe probably I did it. Maybe or maybe not, I admit what I committed. Exhibit the truth because I'm livin proof why, I have no disguise. Ain't no alibi."

They're honestly hip hop's only legitimate band, and even if another one came out, I highly doubt they could compete. While a solo album is supposed to be in the works for Tariq, he's one of the only real emcees who ever stayed straight loyal to be part of a collective and not capitalize strictly on himself. And he definitely could have done that at anytime. Think Joe Johnson/Shawn Marion all being perfectly content in their systems instead of whining to be solo stars. Kinda.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.

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