Thursday, March 5, 2009

If You Catch Me Dreaming ...

Anthony Hamilton has always been the master of heavy-hearted tracks that really connect. His voice is perfectly suited for the soft power needed to emotionally hit the soul. Whenever I'm straight down on anything in my life, I tend to pull his name up on the iTunes. May sound corny, but I swear I do. I just really like this song.

This letter to the only One who knows what's actually going on absolutely moves me like something else. I could listen to the piano on this track looped forever. It's that nice. Then there's just perfectly placed accentuations with rain-like injections, off-branching melodies, tambourine jingles, and drum pattern changes. And then the choir comes in? Man!

I really need that song after pulling a 60 on my second Chem II test. I mean, like, that combined with UK losing to GEORGIA yesterday ... please hide all medication from me for a little while. I ain't quite on a roll as of late. But Mr. Hamilton serves as a pleasant whisper in the moment that I want to scream at the top of my lungs.

... put 'em both together and you got yourself a super spork.

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