Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your Favorite

Christmas-time mixtape number two! This time from the former CH understudy.

In all of 12 hours, brandUn DeShay started and finished this side project to hold all of us over until Volume: Three! comes around in approximately February. He says at the end that this is kind of like his version of Lupe's Enemy of the State and it's definitely got that vibe going for it. He goes the old route of simply going in over other rappers' beats and lyrically demolishing them. Not a lot of hooks. A couple features. And some dopeness. That's what you'll get here. And once you see the tracklist, you can guess for yourself which instrumentals he's going over. I'm partial to the "Good Kanshay West" joint since I thought I was the only one who knew how insanely classic the original "Apologize" joint is. All of it's great, though. brandUn raps better than your favorite rapper raps. And he can produce better than your favorite producer, but that ain't what this tape is about. You should download it, regardless.

brandUn DeShay -
Your Favorite! MixTape

1. Gucci DeShay
2. Shayke
3. Lil' Shayne
4. Good Kanshay West
5. LupShay Fiasco (feat. Cameron Ryan)
6. Shay-Z
7. New KanShay West (feat. Merciless)
8. D*E*R*D (feat. H! Cl@s)
9. LL Cool Shay
10. camdUn

... but do take my word for it.

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