Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bringin' Normal Back

So I got three Christmas-time mixtapes that I need to update my occasional readers on. They're all insanely dope and if you don't download each of them, then [insert fatal threat here].

The first one is ... Charles Hamilton. Finally. It was only over six entire months since his last project. Which is absolutely no deal when discussing anyone else, but this is CH we're talking about. His blog is still deaded so there's no daily unfiltered updates, but he's on Twitter. For whatever that's worth. Regardless, this is all Charles rapping over all Charles production. Who knows what else he's working on at the moment, but I'll take this any day. It doesn't disappoint. I don't wanna say it's "growth" exactly, but you can definitely tell a slight direction shift in how he put his music together for this project. Any previous connoisseur of his catalogue will be able to tell. DOWNLOAD IT.

Charles Hamilton -

1. New Music From Charles Hamilton
2. Enter The Scope
3. WorkinInTheLab
4. Coodies
5. August Rush
6. Air Agains
7. Loserville
8. She's Purrty
9. Laptop Therapy (Jackie Blue)
10. Suicides
11. Baby Says I Want
12. See & Say
13. 20Hamilt10

... but do take my word for it.

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