Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vol. 2, A Laptop Chronicle

So here it is. Official album cover coming soon. So in its place is just a random picture.

1. An Incredible Intro [prod. by Sebastian]
2. All of It (feat. Lauryn Hill, John Legend, & Kanye West) [prod. by Kanye West]
3. An 808 & a Heartbreak (feat. Kanye West) [prod. by Chris Campbell]
4. Chasing Something (feat. Aaronn Ern & Lupe Fiasco) [prod. by Soundtrakk]
5. The First Interview
6. In My Mind [prod. by Quincy Tones]
7. Take It Off (feat. Andre 3000 & Norah Jones) [prod. by Andre 3000]
8. Cash Flow (feat. Shtee Gilp) [prod. by The Runners]
9. Brett Favre [prod. by Chris Campbell]
10. Another 808 (feat. Kanye West) [prod. by Chris Campbell]
11. The Second Interview
12. The Watcher 3 (feat. T-Burr & Daaave) [prod. by Dr. Dre]
13. RedLight/GreenLight (feat. Nova-Lyric, John Legend, & Andre 3000) [prod. by KP & Malay]
14. Here I Is (feat. Aaronn Ern & Avery Storm) [prod. by Drumma Boy]
15. The Third Interview
16. Calculus [prod. by Kanye West]
17. If You Were a Boy ... (feat. R. Kelly & BC Jean) [prod. by Toby Gad]
18. One Life [prod. by Nas]
19. Another Heartbreak (feat. Kanye West) [prod. by Chris Campbell]

This is the stuff. The first one was practice. The poetry was just some soul bearing. The remix was for fun. But this ... this is the stuff.

My favorite songs to make were the 808's trilogy. I took all 12 songs from Yeezy's new album and made concept mashed tracks from them. Consider it my album review for the masterpiece. Features from Aaronn, Steven & Tyler as always, but also an impressive first time collabo with Nova-Lyric.

The only surprise thing is that a couple tracks, including the famed brandUn DeShay joint, had to disappear from this specific tape. Is that possibly because they're going to be featured on a future full-length all-original released album? Only time will tell ...


... this was whatcha all been waitin' for ain't it?

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