Monday, April 11, 2011

Who's That Talking in My Library?

On my Twitter, I've claimed to be on a strictly Childish-Gambino-and-Frank-Ocean music binge. True.

Frank Ocean has come out of nowhere strictly off the underground word-of-mouth passing of his supposed-to-be debut album Nostalgia,Ultra. This Odd Future-associated singer/songwriter resings/rewrites songs by Coldplay, MGMT, and the Eagles to great effect. This guy's writing is insanely stellar. I'll prolly write a post detailing the epic message of each individual track, because it's sincerely worth it. If this were an actual disk instead of a free mp3 download, I would've melted it by now.

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia,Ultra.

1. Streetfighter (Intro)
2. Strawberry Swing
3. Novacane
4. We All Try
5. Metal Gear Solid (Interlude)
6. Songs for Women
7. LoveCrimes
8. Goldeneye (Interlude)
9. There Will Be Tears
10. Swim Good
11. Dust
12. American Wedding
13. Soul Caliber (Interlude)
14. Nature Feels

... and Free Enes.


so what did ya think about whatever the heck i wrote?