Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CG: Sick Boi

Stupid me didn't realize the correct chronology of Childish Gambino's releases. That's what ya get when you don't look at Wikipedia before posting any piece of information ever. Oh well. I'll improperly post Donald's debut mixtape Sick Boi now ... after already posting his third and fourth ones. You'll notice on these songs that his voice is super nasally and he relies on punchlines way less while the beats are more naturally hip hop than the indie rock music that he favors in his later music. Either way, it's all about building up to being one of the most promising emcees around in the year 2011. But you gotta develop from 2008 (this tape's release year) to get to that point.

Childish Gambino - Sick Boi

1. Easy (Intro)
2. Fire
3. I'm a Winner (feat. Amber Petty)
4. Tru Dudes (feat. MC Chris)
5. Red Alert
6. Love is Crazy (feat. Eugene Cordero)
7. My Hoodie (feat. Chaz Kangas)
8. Fresh
9. Til I Die
10. So Sick Wit It
11. Assassins (feat. DC Pierson & Nick Packard)
12. Baby Doll

... and Free Enes.


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