Friday, April 8, 2011

CG: Culdesac

This is where Gambino makes the turn. This post-I Am Just a Rapper mixtape is the manifestation of a monstrously talented artist who found the right way to channel his gifts. His squeak leaves his voice for the most part and he starts singing for the first time. And the boy can actually sing. For SAT purposes, Culdesac is to Donald Glover as So Far Gone is to Drake. By that, I mean they finally found their voice and produced a product infinitely better than all their previous material. Forget the whole actor/rapper/singer similarities; that's got nothing to do with it. In 2010, Gambino decided to drop all the peripheral collaborations and just go all in himself. And it worked.

Childish Gambino - Culdesac

1. Difference
2. Hero
3. I Be On That
4. Got This Money
5. So Fly
6. You Know Me
7. Let Me Dope You
8. Do Ya Like
9. I'm Alright
10. Glory
11. F*** It All
12. I'm On It
13. Put It in My Video
14. These Girls (feat. Garfunkel & Oates)
15. The Last
16. Got This Money (Acoustic at Ace Hotel)

... and Free Enes.


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