Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Taking off from the previous post ... some more new Charles Hamilton music? Dead serious. This one is another unreleased project called WiCH. Try to balance it into your daily life. It features the Eminem-response track "3 PM" that he dropped as a loose joint last year plus a(n annoyingly) "remastured" version of "Bud Dwyer", one of my favorite CH songs ever.

Charles Hamilton - WiCH: Where is Charles Hamilton?

1. Tracking for Charles Hamilton
2. Two-Week Notice Type Sh1t
3. Hold My Calls
4. Tetris on an iPod
5. The Outward Appearance
6. Bud Dwyer, Remastured
7. Mobile Poetry
8. A Song for Ms. Sturies
9. 3 PM
10. Larry King Live
11. The Big Log-Off (Esc)

... and do the John Wall.

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