Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CH + H2 Part Deux

We got ourselves more Charles Hamilton. And it is my duty to transcribe it over the internet waves. This one is the sequel to Dope2Go with producer (and now staticy emcee) DJ Halo. As parenthetically stated, this one's a little different in the fact that the vocals are retardedly distorted. It's pretty bad. But it was intentional ... so that means it was artistic. Or something. Oh well. And apparently the entire tape was freestyled on Charles' part. Insane stuff.

I'll update if a clean quality version appears ...

Charles Hamilton & DJ Halo - Starchaser Radio

1. GemStars
2. Unattractive Genius Club
3. The Battle of SonSon
4. Sweet Sixteen
5. Space Brothers
6. Starry Void
7. Titty-Tubbie
8. Addition Fire
9. World Conquest
10. Snake Eyes

... and do the John Wall.

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