Monday, September 7, 2009

Sonic the Campbellton

After a hundred years since my official debut album hit an mp3 site near you, I finally finish another complete project! Here's Sonic the Campbellton!!!

In case you've missed me explaining it before, this is a concept project that I scribed into life over beats produced solely by Charles Hamilton. I'm the biggest fan of Demevolist instrumentation for any and all occasions and I thought I could hold my own over some of my favorite CH compos that he so generously released for free (like everything else his entire career). So yeah ... download it and link it up to everyone you know in every way of social networking you know how! Maybe I could get it on 2dopeboyz ... that would be a dream ...

Chris Campbell -
Sonic the Campbellton (Mixtape)

1. I Don't Even Car (feat. Aaronn Ralph)
2. Infinitely Interesting
3. Remotedly (Empty Meaning)
4. Evil-Minded Games
5. For You (Outta the Sky)
6. Took Our Time
7. All She Wants to Dance
8. You Really Are
9. 175
10. Forever on Hold (feat. Charles Hamilton)

... but do take my word for it.


  1. i'll download and let you know my thoughts...

    check this tape out it has charles yung nate frank ramz and more on it

  2. thanks man.

    i'll definitely check that out. glad to see ramz, lavish, and quest on there. so it's gotta be nice.

  3. got it downloaded ima finish watching this U vs FSU game, then hit the sack, but i be up early ima listen to it and i'll hit u back with my thoughts on twitter.

  4. Got the link from charles' blog obviously but its dope...every beat is my favorite(if havin more than one isnt selfish lol) but dope dope i found something to stop me from listening to Man on the moon...

  5. crazy appreciate that Juice. i ain't mean to drag you away from CuDi haha. i haven't heard all of it yet, but i plan on buyin it after a while.

  6. good stuff here bro, really enjoying the mixtape. its fire

  7. thanks, i'm really glad you got a chance to hear it.


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