Friday, September 11, 2009

Comeback #3: My Life Gon Be a Bowl

Stop number three on the 3000 comeback tour actually came when the album came. Andre utilized this crazily titled R&B joint, that happened to have a rap verse tacked on the end, for the Idlewild movie itself. It's a great scene with the cuckoo clocks aptly explaining what "chronomentrophobia" actually is a fear of. The fear of clocks. The fear of time.

And only Dre could put together this spoken-wordish slow-flowed dictation and still seal it as dope. It seems like he was just trying to do as many variations on his flow as he could muster for his three different rhyming ventures on this album, and they all worked. That's a crazy rare feat.

Andre 3000 - Chronomentrophobia

Lord be havin mercy on my soul
I'm havin' the impression that my life gon be a bowl
Of cherries, but it's very hard for me to cope, got tired of bein broke
This ATLien ain't got no time to sit and mope
Made up my mind while y'all made up y'all beds
On a cold wooden floor is where I lay my head
Born in 1975, never thought I'd make it this far
Still battlin in this racial war
Tryinna find solutions to the situation I'm facin
Only thing that's free is my flow that y'all be chasin
Lettin my aggins know before I go, I drop that knowledge
Like dropping books. Let's stop the crooks
From robbin you of your brains and such, usin welfare as a crutch
I'm in it for good. You into my hood? You won't be findin much
Hope that when im gone, y'all remember this
What we stood for, f*** that fame and that glitz
It's, beginnin to look a lot like the ending
Got to be more careful, know what corners you be bendin
Revalation's gettin impatient, now i'm dead
Remember what I said. I'm gone, bow ya heads

And that's it. On that syllable, Andre's done rapping for the LP. Whether he was being literal or metaphorical is immaterial. Right then, there was a legitimate curiosity as to if he would rap again any time soon. He dropped three songs worth of rhymes for The Love Below and there were three on here. Man. I don't know about you, but I've remembered what he's said, regardless if he's gone or not. But thank the same Lord that be having mercy on his, this was actually only an appetizer for when Andre would take over the mainstream feature game to critical heights that have never been seen. Who'da thunk it?

... but do take my word for it.

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