Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Classic: Beautiful Skin

This is the Goodie Mob's classic ode to "the coming respect for all women, period." Cuz some of y'all disrespect y'all selves cuz you don't know who you are in the first place. (c) Cee-Lo

Back before I fully got immersed in the Mob's intricate & individually stylistic lyricism on some of the harder subjects to convey in rap music, this is the song I was ignorantly bumping anyway. Any Cee-Lo chorus has me fiending regardless, but this one is simply undeniable. There's no calling anyone out their name here. It's just conversation. Amazingly related conversation. I get chills on this this song. That's apparently my measure of classic status. Goosebumps. Oh, and Rosario Dawson has beautiful skin.

What they say bout ya ain't true. There's no me if there is no you. I hope that you understand, you got to respect yo self before I can.

... this was whatcha all been waitin' for ain't it?

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