Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Drought Is Over (CH Edition)

Remember what I said about needing new music? Well CH heard me. Times six. This is crazy. So crazy that I gotta hook every single one of the joints up on here. Now, just for reference sake, these aren't new projects, per say. They're just projects he's been working on for the last couple years and either didn't get around to releasing them or just didn't quite complete them properly like he wanted. So here's the remaining five projects after Well This Isn't Awkward.

Charles Hamilton wins. That's all.

Charles Hamilton - 10 Things I Hate About Me
Here's what he had to say about it:

This was supposed to be my comeback project. Then the things I hate about me ended up being y'all problems. So "Why put this out, when Charles is able to bring law and order through his music. Charles, can you make a conceptless project?"

Basically, I had a therapist for about a month and a half, around the time I got dropped. My therapist (shouts to Dr. Ryder) said I am a very complex case, but very in my right mind. I think the version I'm giving Dalvyn ( has some audio samples from my therapist's album (the connecting and healing power of music) scratched in. I know there are MAD soundbytes on it tho.

I am ALWAYS up to something (planned punch? answers here)
I can't sing (but I do it for the love of music and the theraputic response to singing)
I don't understand the value of money (so I didn't cry when I got "dropped"... #suarez)
I hate being categorized (and the Soulja Boy beef was horribly misinterpreted; I shoulda been more mature)
I jump the gun too often (and bullets don't scare me for some reason, so...)
I talk to my self a lot (and I have found...)
I watch a lot of CNN (and I feel like a pro boxer)
I'm moody (and it sometimes costs me love...)
Overall, I'm a Nerd (though geeks kick ass)
I Am More Concerned With Love Than Life (and I am living in the life after albums)

Charles Hamilton - The L Word II: Lust And Love (INcomplete)
Here's what he said about it:

All Barry White samples.

Bigger Ego, Shorter Tolerance (Beyonce)
-I felt compelled to respond to "Ego"... lol

How To Be A Better Girlfriend (Rihanna)
-Far from a rude boy... treat me like a gentleman and I won't treat you like a baby mama.

Rhythmic (Sonji)
-I pay your sister my rent... well, PAID your sister my rent... may I at LEAST have this dance? lol (Jessica)
-And I officially fall back from all communication with you after this song... sorry for the neglect...

Star Baby (Starrene)
-Pretty deep song, for a pretty deep female.

Superwoman (Fantasy Lady)
-I cannot remember your name. Will never forget your frame. Or the heat of the summer day we met on.

Vibration Bandaids (Karen Civil)
-The hook explains all.

Charles Hamilton - Gynophobia
Here's what he said about it:

Pronounced.... G? No... phobia. Gynophobia means fear of women. And though I've slept with enough women to be considered a G, I fear them. It's a Venus domination thing...

August Rush
being a semi-psycotic music in love

the female in question liked to scream on me, couldn't trust me because I cheated on her, and had the sweetest accent I have ever listened to

Hello Kitty Guitar
as long as she still cares, I don't ever have to be inside of her again

London Girl
women are bizzarre

the most beautiful Dominican woman I have ever met, created right in front of me... and her name is

...and this is about the night we met

I am, tho...

White Girl Love
"Tell me you love me white girl..."

a superficial lover with a heart of a super official lover... and kinda is about Nicki Minaj

my crush on my 6th and 8th grade teacher, Imelda Lati

Charles Hamilton - Autumn Harvest
Here's what he said about it:

Autumn is a bunny.
Autumn is a bi-polar bunny.
Autumn is a musician.
Autumn is a junior high school teacher.

This is his life.

Charles Hamilton - Atlantis And A...
Here's what he said about it:

Cleveland Harlem goes to Atlanta and wonders about everything.

Who is Cleveland Harlem?

Recorded between 2008 and 2010... shouts to DJ Toomp, Sol Messiah and Groove for the production.

Also, learn a bit more about why I'm keeping my distance from this game... but still doing my music.

... and do the John Wall.

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