Sunday, June 13, 2010

V3 to Get Ready

My man b-Rud released his monster third charm in his mixtape series last month. I'm a jerk friend for not throwing it up right away, but here it is now. While it's maybe a little heavy on the features, it's hard to argue against throwing emcees like Charles Hamilton, Dom Kennedy, Von Pea, and QuESt in the fold. brandUn is the absolute truth and solidifies his production style, spit game, and big deal potential with every release. You better get on the bandwagon yesterday.

brandUn DeShay - Volume: Three! to Get Ready

1. Good Morning (Ceven AM)
2. Veterens Day (feat. Charles Hamilton)
3. Livin' Life (feat. Ev4n Holt)
4. Why You Gotta Zodiac Like That
5. Right Back (feat. Dom Kennedy)
6. Awe Stars (feat. Casey Veggies)
7. Hate to Say I Told You So (feat. Von Pea)
8. ODd Party (feat. Casey Veggies & Overdoz)
9. Congrats
10. Orjazzmic
11. Wish Me Luck! (feat. Dom Kennedy)
12. LAXtasy
13. They Know (feat. QuESt)
14. Zeroes

... and do the John Wall.

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