Monday, March 1, 2010

III: Laptopical

III: Laptopical is finally here.

My brand new full length project, the third and final one in my "laptop trilogy", is now available to the public on this 1st of March in the year of 2010 featuring original production by Chris Campbell and Charlie Hilton as well as retakes of tracks produced by DJ Khalil, Mr. DJ, Elite, & Just Blaze. I do have to throw out the word of warning that the epic "Hold On (Remix)" listed as track 12 is not currently in the zip file for download. It's still pending completion with some amazing emcees lending their verses to the Charlie Hilton reinterpretation of my lead single from I Get That a Lot, but trust that I'll get that joint out the minute it's ready. I just didn't want to hold back this project any longer that I'd started producing for as far back ago as July '09. So here's the follow up to The Laptop Mixtape and Vol. 2, A Laptop Chronicle that have defined my progress as an emcee since 2007 to where I am today in this whole music thing.

Chris Campbell
III: Laptopical [alt. Mediafire link] [alt. bandcamp link]

1. Fear Freestyle (feat. Aaronn Ralph) [originally by Drake; prod. by DJ Khalil]
2. The Reason I Smile [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell]
3. The Disorder [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Brand New Start" by Alter Bridge]
4. MJ is Hip Hop (Interlude) [mixed by Chris Campbell]
5. Why Oh Why (feat. Aaronn Ralph) [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson]
6. Giving In (feat. Aaronn Ralph) [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Give In to Me" by Michael Jackson feat. Slash]
7. No I [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Wicked Game" by Chris Issack]
8. Probably Won't [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner]
9. Me [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Let Me Be Myself" by 3 Doors Down]
10. B.I.G. (Interlude) [mixed by Chris Campbell]
11. Da Art of Storytellin' Part 2 Freestyle [originally by OutKast; prod. by Mr. DJ]
12. Hold On (Remix feat. brandUn DeShay, LaVish, Mike Dreams, Chris Barz, & Aaronn Ralph) [prod. by Charlie Hilton, sampling "Hold On" by Chris Campbell feat. Steven Gilpin]
13. Oh So Much [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "No Other Love" by John Legend feat. Estelle]
14. Pseudo Making It [prod. by Chris Campbell, sampling "Not as We" by Alanis Morissette]
15. I Can't Win Freestyle (feat. Aaronn Ralph) [originally by Pack FM; prod. by Elite]
16. Exhibit A Freestyle [originally by Jay Electronica; prod. by Just Blaze]

... but do take my word for it.


  1. I'll def check this out. Want that track 12 though. lol

  2. The beats you did are alright. I don't know if you didn't put drums on sum of them intentionally or you just don't have a good drum program but they're still pretty good.

  3. ^ That doesn't matter. He always rights about Charles Hamilton on here and that's kind of where he beats sound like their going. He loops random songs he like and wants to go over. No reason to complain if there aint enough bass or something. That's how he vibes.

  4. I wasn't complaining, I was just saying. They're still good. He's consistent through the whole tape and I've enjoyed it so far...I was just pointing out something.

  5. saw this linked up on Twitter.Dope cover.Where that J-Wall at?Haha

  6. started off with a monster on at fear joint at girl singin killed drake LOL

  7. I wanna hear this before I download. Kindly upload this on!

    Lookinf forward to your Reply!

  8. greatly appreciate the suggestion. here's the bandcamp link:


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